Where Is This Going? 9 Reasons It’s Time To Have Relationship Talk!

By- Shreya Sharma

People avoid relationship talks at all costs because it makes things awkward and uncomfortable. But having the relationship talk is really important because it gives you a better understand of where your relationship is going and what your man really wants. It is better to talk about what your partner thinks of you to ensure that you both are on the same page. Here are 9 reasons that show that it is the time to have the relationship talk to know where the things are going.

  1. You cannot keep things casual for long

You can spend time hanging out together and getting intimate physically and emotionally, there comes a time when one of you develops feelings for the other one. You can try to hide them, but it will not work for long.


  1. He will not care if you act like you do not care

If you act like you do not care, so that he does not run away from you, this will only have a reverse effect. He is not a mind reader. If you do not say or show with your actions that you want to take your relationship forward, he will never know about it. If he thinks you are not interested in a serious relationship, he will not be either.

  1. You need to know the answer to deal with the anxiety

Talking about your relationship status put you off the anxiety. You will feel anxious calculating his answer and you will never know his answer unless you have the talk. You can deal with any answer you receive. This will help you decide where to take your relationship then.

  1. The longer you wait, the harder it will be

The longer you wait to have the talk and stay in this undefined state, the harder it will be for you to talk later because of nervousness. Waiting for too long will not have an effect on his answer, so why to waste your time?


  1. You deserve to be with someone who wants to be with you

You deserve to know if you both are on the same page or not. You should know if he just wants to “hang out” when you want something more solid and serious. If a guy is interested in you, he will not be confused; he will wait for the chance to tell you about his feelings for you.

  1. You will not wish to invest your time in something casual

You will not want to waste your time with someone who is in for short run. Being stuck with someone who is there for short time will make you miss out on the right person.

  1. Practice

The more you practice about what you want to talk with your partner, the more you will be comfortable having this or any conversation. It is reasonable to have a talk about your relationship status.


  1. Higher the risk, higher the reward

When you start the conversation, there is a 50-50 risk. You can face both positive and negative outcomes. It may take a few unrewarded risks to get there but once you do, the reward will be worth it.

  1. If you care for him, you cannot convince yourself that you do not

We can act like we can have a relationship without commitment and attachment, but deep down somewhere we just try to hide our feelings. It is okay if you start to care for someone. And if he does not care for you as much as you do, it is better you find someone else.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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