How Good Is Your Sex? 12 Signs It Is Mind Blowing Or..

By- Shreya Sharma

Mediocre sex leaves you with an uninspired, orgasm-ish kind of feeling that makes you feel empty inside. While having an awesome sex is the one which makes you feel reaching nirvana and leaves you with a smirk for days to come. You cannot resist your urge to do it again and feel the bliss. You can just feel the difference between mediocre sex and mind blowing sex.  Here are 12 signs showing if your sex is good or mediocre.

  1. Mediocre sex makes you feel awkward

Mediocre sex is the one with little to no eye contact, stiff movements, no words and all you think about is “when is this going to over?” and when it ends, you have a feeling of regret for days. And you realize that it was all not worth it.


  1. Good sex makes you smile

When you have really good sex, you feel that happiness and giddiness for days. You just have the feeling of doing something really good. And you have the happiness all over your body.

  1. Mediocre sex happens when your head is struck

If you find yourself worrying about your looks, your scars, your fat or your office problems, the sex is bound to be mediocre and boring. When you are stressed, you cannot reach orgasm. Relax; take a deep breath if you want to enjoy it.

  1. Good sex happens when you are at the moment

When you are relaxed and your mind is clear, you trust the situation and feel the magic. The best sex is almost like a meditation. When your focus is on nothing except for each other, then you have greater chances to have a good sex.


  1. Mediocre sex is usually with someone you do not trust

Having sex with a random guy can be badass, but it is rarely awesome. As you do not know each other, you both will be holding back a bit. And you will not know what the other person likes. It can be good, but it won’t get you to the level to scream your partner’s name.

  1. Good sex is usually with someone you have deep connection with

Sex is awesome when you know someone and trust them completely. You can look into their eyes and feel supported and accepted which will help you bring your wild side out.

  1. Mediocre sex feels stifled

You just do what you think you should be doing. And this only leads to awkward sexual encounter which you both wish to end as soon as it begins. It is not at all awesome.


  1. Good sex is free flowing and loose

In this, you have the feeling that anything can happen at any moment. You are just enjoying each other’s body without any second thought. Anything happens at random like going from kissing to rubbing to licking to changing position. Your bodies are in sync.

  1. Mediocre sex is the same thing again and again

It is like you have decided the position and you are working in the position until someone comes. Being in the same motion and the same position always will only make it boring.

  1. Good sex offers you variety

You have all body parts and many techniques to work on. You can choose oral, anal play, BDSM, passionate make-out, hand job, blowjob, fingering or anything. You can do them for however long you want and can choose one or any combination.


  1. Mediocre sex happens when you are not ready for it

For sex, you have to be ready both mentally and physically. If you are not wet, you are not ready for sex. If you are not in the mood or are not enthusiastic about it, it is not going to be enjoyable. If you are into role playing that is another case. Sex, when you are neither mentally nor physically ready, is average only.

  1. Good sex is consensual

The best sex happens when you actually want it. Nothing will make for a hotter sex session than two people who want to devour each other. When the stars align, the sex is like fireworks.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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