12 Things You Should Strictly Avoid Doing After The Fight With Him!

By- Shreya Sharma

Arguments are an inevitable part of any relationship because no two people are same. We argue and patch up and things go smooth and this is the process that continues. It is how we deal with that fight and argument that is important for the survival of any relationship. Here are 12 things you should strictly avoid doing after the fight with him.

  1. Do not ignore the situation

Acting like nothing happened or you did not have any argument is not a wise idea. It is never great to out the argument under the rug because one day or other it will come out to make things a mess. It is better that you try to reconnect with your partner and share what you learned from the fight. if it bothers you even now, it is better to share it with your partner rather than letting the resentment build and shoot out one day.


  1. Do not share the details of your fight over social media or with friends

Your fight is not a public issue to put it into the public domain as this can damage the trust you share with your partner. Once you put things in public domain, you cannot take it back and people will judge your relationship negatively. If you really want to speak about it with someone, then have words with someone who can give you balanced and honest advice.

  1. Do not let the fight stay on for the longest

If you do not work on your anger and feelings for a long time, then it can grow and it will be hard for you to overcome over that argument. It will build up stress making it even more difficult to solve the argument. Take your time to calm down, think about the issue and then work it out with your man.

  1. Do not be stubborn to not accept his apology

If your man is offering the genuine apology, then accept it rather than holding on to the issue. Keeping the negative sentiments with you for much longer is only going to harm you and your relationship. You need to understand that no one is perfect and forgiveness is the way to a long-lasting relationship. By not forgiving him, you will be in a state where his genuine efforts will not be good enough for you. Accept his apology and work to restore the trust and connection.


  1. Do not bring the same issue on future

If you keep on bringing your past issues in your fights, you will have no time for love and fun. If the issue has been resolved, it is better to leave it in the past only. Holding on to past fights will not lead to a healthy and successful relationship. If you still hold on to them, then it is better to sit down and resolve the issue and accept the solution rather than doing the rounds by bringing the same old issue again and again.

  1. Do not make excuses for the fight

Do not blame the argument on stress or anything. If you are upset about something, you should tell it to your partner rather than blaming it on other things because this way your partner will never understand this. Directly discuss the problem with your man to resolve the issue.

  1. Do not say the things you do not mean

Do not say the words you do not mean because if you have said them, you cannot take them back. By saying that you do not mean it is pointless and it will only infuriate your partner. Understand that your words might hurt your partner.


  1. Do not have makeup sex if you do not want to

It is fine to say that you are not in the mood to do the deeds after the argument. Sex is about warmth and connection and you should be in the right mood to enjoy it. Makeup sex can heal and reconnect you only if you both want it. Do not have sex because you think that you ‘should’ because it will only build resentment and you will feel used.

  1. Do not focus on the reason for the fight instead find solution

Do not replay the incident in your mind; instead, channelize your energies to find a solution to the problem. Identify the real reason of fight as it will relax your mind if you do it with the thought of growing up over the issue. Sit with your partner and talk about the issue.

  1. Do not go for silent treatment

It is ok if you want some space after the fight, but ignoring your partner completely will only increase the feeling of hurt and anger and shoot up the issue. Instead of giving him cold shoulder, confront him. The silent treatment is disrespectful, demeaning and manipulative. Take your time to calm down but still be normal with your partner. Tell your man that you need some time to calm down so that you can reconnect back.


  1. Do not be too hard on yourself

If you had an argument with your man, do not end up beating yourself as it will harm your self-respect and self-confidence. Arguments are a part of any relationship, but punishing yourself for the argument is unhealthy behavior. Fighting is the sign that you are invested in your relationship, you should just try to resolve them which will bring you both closer.

  1. Do not use bad words

After you’re done disagreeing, don’t resort to name-calling and hurtful words. Use simple, easy-to-understand sentences or even one word to help your partner understand how you feel.


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