The 10 Weirdest Sex Injuries You Can Get During Action!

By- Shreya Sharma

Sex is associated with pleasure, and sometimes with a bit painful yet pleasurable pain. It can be funny, uncomfortable, awkward and sometimes painful. Sex is not just painful when you have it for the first time or you play it rough, it can be painful because of some weird injuries. Yes, you can get injured even while having sex. Here are 10 weirdest sex injuries you can get during the action.

  1. Backache

During sex, you bend and turn in various strange positions. And bending over in a wrong way for too long can result in back ache for next few days.


  1. Cuts and scratches

If you have long nails, it can do some major damage during the sex session. You can also end up with some random scrapes and scratches. The friction from your clothes can cause cut or your earring can leave a mark.

  1. Cramps

During sex, you can get cramps over your entire body because you are using multiple muscles while working on those different positions.

  1. Muscle pull

Before sex, it is necessary to do a little warm up. If you are in for wild sex, then it is better that you spend first five minutes in a position where your legs are shoulder wide apart to reduce the chances of muscle pull.


  1. Repetitive Strain Injury

Doing the same motion for too long can lead to repetitive strain injury. Your wrist can hurt or your head can hurt by moving to-and-fro again and again.

  1. Black eye

Random fist or foot coming out of nowhere can give you the black eye. You can get the bruise even if your bae knocks his head into yours.

  1. Bruises

If you are doing BDSM, expect some bruises. Hitting the mattress too hard or if your man leans on your thighs too can be the reason for bruises.


  1. Bones being broken

If you and your man roll in the wrong way, you may end up with a broken bone. You need to be careful; else you might need some serious medical help.

  1. Broken penis

It is not that common an injury to happen, but it is hell painful. If it happens to your partner, you should seek medical attention immediately.

  1. Vaginal tearing

This is a common consequence of engaging in sexual activity when the vagina is dry and can be easily prevented by adequate foreplay or lubrication. But, if it still continues bleeding then it is better to seek medical help.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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