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8 Weird Reasons Women Love To Pick *Fights* With Their Man!

By- Shreya Sharma

“We fight with the ones we love” we all have heard this and this is true. We have no specific reason to fight with our man, but we just love to pick fights with them and to irritate the hell out of them. We nag because we care for our man and that is absolutely harmless. Here are 8 weird reasons women love to pick fights with their man.

  1. To let our voice be heard

This is because our man has a habit to hear about the selective issues, so we are left with no choice rather than picking up the fight to let our problem be heard.


  1. They forgive us easily

We know our man will forgive us no matter what. They are so generous that we do not mind picking up fights with them.

  1. To test their patience

A little leg pulling is fun. We fight to test our man’s patience. We just do it for fun, not to create a whole big issue.

  1. We are bored

When life gets boring and monotonous, it is a way to spice up our life and that is why pick up fights. A little drama is fun.


  1. When we know he is right, but we do not want to admit

We know we sometimes just stretch the argument because we do not want to accept that we are wrong. So, we fight to avoid accepting our faults.

  1. To balance out things

We fight to balance out things and make sure that nothing bad happens. The fight makes for all the bad and unwanted things that might hit our relationship otherwise.

  1. We care for them

We love our man enough to notice everything and care for everything which sometimes leads to nagging and picking fights. We just want to make your life better and in return, take ourselves out of it.

  1. Making up after fight is best

The love and romance we share after a fight are priceless. We love it how the passion turns into aggression and love.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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