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10 Ways You Make Your Relationship Harder Than It Has To Be!

By- Shreya Sharma

Relationships are never easy. They are a roller coaster rides with all the highs and lows. At times you are pumped up with the adrenaline rush and at others, you may feel bored and obnoxious. You may wonder why are you even dating or why the hell did you accepted this man’s proposal and at the other moment you may feel that he is the best thing that has ever happened to you. Relationships are confusing and hard because we put pressurize them with expectations and standards. Here are 10 ways you make your relationship harder than it has to be.

  1. Assuming true love is easy

When you fall in love, everything seems beautiful and meaningful. Even a mundane activity turns interesting and it is more fun to do it with your SO. Living your life with someone you love can be fulfilling, but there will also be the times when you will just hate each other. There will be times when you will not be in-sync and you will not enjoy each other’s company. Love will not vanish away the difficulties, you will have to learn to stay together even in the hard times. True love requires team efforts.


  1. Being too truthful with each other

Totally transparency might sometimes lead to issues in your relationship. You do not have to be totally honest to build trust. Omitting a little truth to protect them from harsh reality is a decent thing to do. Sometimes, a little white lie can go the long way to protect people from heartbreaks. If your intentions are true, omitting little truth will not harm people.

  1. Comparing your relationship with others

The comparison is something we all do. Looking at people’s happy posts on social media, sure make us think that we are lacking happiness. Social media never portrays the actual life of anyone. You know you will only post pictures that show your happiness and fun. Only people in the relationship know the best about their relationship. You do not really know what is happening in their life, so stop comparing.

  1. Fight is a chance to learn and not a problem

Every relationship has fought and you just cannot control them. When you know someone well, you have the power to hurt that person and we usually do this when we feel that we are losing an argument. You become your worst version and say and do things that you later regret. You have to learn from the fights and take something positive from it; else you will end up making same mistakes again and again.


  1. Fixating on your future

It is good to set goals and work on them as a couple.it is always fun to do things with someone you love. But if you spend all your time thinking what you want from your future rather than working on it, you are just wasting your present. Do not dream at the cost of your present.

  1. Taking relationship doubts as bad omen

No matter how much you love your partner, you are bound to doubt the strength of your relationship. You will question if he is the right person or not if your relationship will survive long run or not if you were in a different romantic situation, but it is never wrong to examine your relationship. And it does not mean that you are not meant to be or you love your partner less.

  1. Hanging on the past

Forgiveness and acceptance make your relationship. We are who we are because of our past. So, you have to accept everything about his past relationship. If you stay frustrated about the things your partner did in past, it will destroy your relationship. Learn to let go. Practice forgiveness so that you can sail through the tough times as well.


  1. Change scares you

Change is the only constant. Your circumstances force you to change. You and your partner will be changed humans in future. People are not static, they change, and they grow. You might join a new job or make new friends or follow a different religion.  You can control change even if it means choosing a path that takes you away from your partner. You have to find a way to be together even with these changes.

  1. Expectations

Love does not answer to everything. Your relationship will not make you feel happy and complete always even if it is at its best. You will have to figure things out on your own even if you have one supporting partner. Don’t expect love to fix your life. When you set crazy expectations like that, you set yourself up to be crazy disappointed.

  1. Not apologizing often

You are going to make a lot of mistakes; some intentional while some un-intentional. You are human and bound to make mistakes willingly or unwillingly. And later you regret every mistake you make. Keep your ego aside and remorse clearly whenever you commit the mistake to keep your relationship going.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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