12 Signs That You Are Ready To Get Married!

By- Shreya Sharma

Marriage changes your life in a big way. Once you are married, both men and woman have to make adjustments, compromises, and sacrifices. This might be the reason why people even after being in a relationship take a lot of time to decide to finally get hitched. If you are confused and cannot make up your mind regarding marriage, then we are here to help you understand if you are ready for marriage or not. Here are 12 signs that you are ready for marriage.

  1. You plan your future around your partner

Whether you plan on your career, your family or any other decision, you keep him in your mind always.


  1. You notice wedding differently now

Earlier for you wedding used to be a season of fun and designer outfits. Now, it is about ‘how much does it cost?’ ‘Who is the planner?’ ‘How people agree to get married?’, etc.

  1. The thought of living with someone forever does not scare you

You look forward to being with someone and crave for it to happen each day.

  1. You love the idea of managing finance together

You are excited about the idea of making a better future with your combined incomes.


  1. Wedding pictures of your newlywed friends take you to dreamland.

You plan about how unique and special your wedding will be in comparison to your friends.

  1. You want to be with your partner during their good and bad days

You do not want to see your partner sad and will do anything to turn his bad day into a good one.

  1. The idea of being with someone else is scary

The idea of making love with someone other than your partner scares you. you find the idea to be repulsive.


  1. You love his family

You love spending time with your partner’s family and find them to be totally amazing.

  1. When you talk about your partner, you unconsciously refer to them as hubby

You know each other in an out and whenever the topic of marriage or husband is discussed, you unconsciously bring them into the debate.

  1. You love doing simple things together

Be it clicking selfie, shopping together, watching television or anything else. You love it when you do things as a team.


  1. You do not mind compromising

Be it sharing your shampoo with your partner, or anything big like rejecting a job offer from the other city, you start understanding that you cannot have it all. And, you totally love making such adjustments in life.

  1. You have discussed about getting married

You have talked about it and are serious to get married and start a life together.


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