17 Things He Absolutely Loves About You If He Is… Mr. Right!

By- Shreya Sharma

If you have to change yourself to be with the guy you like, then he is not the one for you. Changing yourself or pretending to be someone else is never an option to find the Mr. Right. The right man will love you for who you are and will not expect you to change or pretend to be someone other than yourself. Your man should love you for your flaws, scars, mistakes and every weird thing you have because loving you for all the good you have can be done by anyone, even a creep. Here are 17 things he absolutely loves about you if he is Mr. Right.

  1. Your body

With him, you do not have to worry about your size of breasts, lips, hips or if you have cellulite or fat. For him, you will be flawlessly beautiful. He will love your body the way it is.


  1. Your brain

Everyone has a different set of knowledge, so never think you are stupid. You should marry the man who thinks you are brilliant the way you are.

  1. Your hobbies

Your man should be proud of you for your hobbies. He should support you with your singing, writing or any other hobby of yours. You might find him bragging about your hobbies and talents.

  1. Your family

Your man may not have a great equation with everyone in your family, but he should love them like his own family.


  1. Your annoying oddity

For the right man, you are perfect and he will like your quirks that others find to be annoying as hell.

  1. Your nickname

You love giving him nicknames and he might make fun of those names, but he will secretly love them.

  1. Your pets

The way you treat your pets like kids, he will love them and treat them the same way.


  1. Your cooking

You might not be the best cook, but he will love the fact that you put in efforts to cook for him.

  1. Your happiness

People will love your smile, but he will love to make you happy. Making you happy would make him feel happy.

  1. Your voice

Your man will love to hear your voice and will find your voice to be the best sound. He will love to make longer telephonic conversations so that he can listen to you and your voice.


  1. Your name

The right man for you will love your name and will never leave any chance to say your name. He feels this is the best name he can call from his lips.

  1. Your flaws

You might be scared of your birthmark, but he will find them as beautiful as the rest of you.

  1. Your kisses

For him, you will be an amazing kisser. He will anytime love to press his lips against yours.


  1. Your idea of date

He would love the cute little odd dating ideas you come up with. He will show your creativity and he will like your creative side.

  1. Your personality

He should love your personality as the whole. The way you scratch your head when confused, the way you jump with excitement or the way you are always excited for any particular thing.

  1. When you look at him

He should be happiest when you look into his eyes. For him, there is nothing better than the way you look at him.

  1. Your friends

He might not turn out to be best friends with your friends. But he should love them too if he loves you.


Source –  Tumblr

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