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10 Funny Pieces Of Advices Those Are Actually Good For Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Modern times dating is not one easy thing to do. We just need help from ever available source to know what is actually going on in our relationship and what phase has we really entered into. We ask for advice from friends, family and even Internet. Though our friends and family can give us some wise advice, the Internet beat them all and gives some surprisingly useful pieces of advice. If your dating phase has become confusing, here are 10 funny pieces of pieces of advice those are actually good for the relationship.

  1. Choose between human or onion

If you are dating a guy who makes you cry more often than making you smile, then he should not be in your life.  You do not deserve someone who cannot keep those tears at bay.

human or onion

  1. Love the way you lie

You should not date someone, you cannot trust. Being honest is important for a healthy relationship and if your man cannot be honest and is not willing to tell you the truth, it is better to leave him.

love the way you lie

  1. Love is like death

It is impossible to understand what love actually feels like. You will never know it until you experience this emotion on your own. Once you feel it, you are going to love this feeling.

love is like death

  1. Change in relationship status on social media

If you really love someone, then why to threaten them to break up over every other argument? Every relationship has fights; it is about how you handle them, and not about how you change your Facebook relationship status.

status on fb

  1. Make sure you are the crazy one

To have a long term relationship, date someone who is less crazy than you. He would know how to handle insane issues rather than fighting over them.

crazy one

  1. Do not date someone like your ex

You do not need anyone like your ex because if you did, you will still be dating him. Your goal is to find someone better than your ex.


  1. Relationship is like a house

If you love someone why would you think about calling things off over silly things? It is better to sit down and find a compromise rather than fighting and finding a new guy.

relationship like house

  1. Do not bring baggage from old relationship

Your new relationship is a fresh start. You should keep your ex and your new boyfriend separate because bringing old baggage to the new relationship will harm your new relationship.

old baggage

  1. More issues

If you have the problem in your relationship in every aspect, it is the time to reconsider your relationship again. It might be the time to put an end to the issue by breaking up.

more issues

  1. The game of similarities and differences

Find out how your new guy is different and similar to you. You do not need your exact replica but you should learn to respect and embrace the differences.

similar and different

Source –  Tumblr, imgur

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