6 Things About Your *Nipples* You Should Know!

By- Shreya Sharma

We do not give much of notice to our nipples in our day-to-day life unless we find something weird and odd. Possibly there is nothing super serious going on with your nipples, but still, you should know about your nipples. Your nipples can give you some helpful information about your body. Here are 6 things about your nipples you should know.

  1. You are wearing the wrong sports bra

After the workout session, if your nipples are sore and cracked, then probably you are not giving proper support to your breast. If there is wiggle room in your sports bra, then it can cause friction which can make your nipples sore and cracked. You should wear breathable fabric that fits properly so that there is less of friction against your nipples. Protect your skin with a balm or nipple guard, if you are doing a high-impact cardio session. If it does not work, then consult your doctor.


  1. They too can have skin issues

You need not stress if your nipples are itchy or peeling. The skin around your nipple too can get zits, rashes, and other skin problems. This area too can get dryness and eczema. Let your doctor know if you witness something that you have not noticed earlier.

  1. It is ok if they do not match

There is no right or wrong way for your nipples to look; they can be big, small, dark or whatever. They come in all size, shapes, and colors and no two nipples are alike. It is okay if your nipples do not match. You should know what they look like so that you can spot nay major change, which can be serious.

  1. Nipple discharge is usually normal

You might feel stressed and worried if you notice that your nipples are leaking, but it is common. It can be caused because of squeezing, stimulating, rubbing or if you started a new medication. Consult your doctor, if the discharge is foul-smelling, bloody, or if it comes out of one nipple only. Leaky nipples can be the symptom of pregnancy as well.


  1. Inward nipples are nothing to worry about

It is usual to have one or both of your nipples pointing inwards. This can be because of your genes. But if your outward nipple, suddenly become inward, then it can be a sign that inflammation or breast cancer could be pulling your nipple inward. If it has always been inward, then you are good to go, and if you are worried, then you can consult the doctor.

  1. It is common to have hair over there

There is nothing to freak out if you have few stray hairs around your nipples. If it bothers you, you can tweeze it away or leave it there if you are ok with it. If there is a lot of hair, you can talk with your doctor to rule out polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal imbalance that can cause excess body hair and other symptoms.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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