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17 Things That Don’t Make You A Bad Girlfriend AT ALL!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your friends or your boyfriend or his friends might make you feel that you are one bad girlfriend, but that does not certainly mean the same. You are an individual and have a life of your own. You have the right to live your life your way. If you step out of your house on Friday nights leaving your boyfriend at home alone, it does not make you a bad girlfriend because you need to have your own life as well even when you are in a relationship. Here are 17 things that do not make you a bad girlfriend at all.

  1. Scared of serious relationship

We do not want to get our heart broken and that is the reason why we are scared to get into a serious relationship. It is never a bad idea to give it a thought before giving your nod.


  1. Noticing other men

Being in a relationship does not mean that you go blind. You will notice other attractive men. And it is okay until and unless it does not grow beyond.

  1. Wanting attention

This, not something you need, your boyfriend should give it to you no matter what.

  1. Wanting alone time

You need not stick by your man’s side 24*7. It is good if you both spend some time apart.


  1. Being annoyed by his friends

You will not always love your man’s friends and family. You need to learn to deal with them.

  1. Little white lies

Little white lies save your relationship often. Do not feel bad if you lied about liking your man’s shirt.

  1. Being jealous

It is okay to get jealous when your man talks with other girls. But do not start giving him rules about with whom to talk and how to behave.


  1. Having male friends

You can have male friends and it does not mean that you are cheating on your man.

  1. Having different hobbies

You are two different people and it is okay if you do not love everything that your boyfriend loves.

  1. Fights

You cannot avoid arguments in a relationship. All you need to do is to handle them being responsible and mature.


  1. Being bad at cooking

You need not feel bad if you cannot prepare a nice meal for your partner. You are not here just to learn how to cook.

  1. Giving him orders

We all get a little nagging after dating someone for a while. Do not feel bad about it.

  1. Saying no to sex

Your man should understand that you will not always be in a mood to have sex.

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  1. Wanting to stay at home

It is okay if you do not want to go out every weekend. Sometimes it is fun to stay at home cuddling.

  1. Annoying him

Sometimes you might get on his nerves because maybe he is in a bad mood. But it is okay, things will be fine the next morning.

  1. Being selfish

You love your partner, but it is okay to do things that will benefit you. you too are human.

  1. Taking your time to text back

You should be with your partner when he needs you. But that does not mean that you have to text back to him instantly.


Source –  Tumblr

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