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17 Little Things Women Do No *Men* Can Ever Resist!

By- Shreya Sharma

You might not know that some of your actions are enough to say it out loud that you like this man. Men find your little actions to be sexy enough. While some may do it unconsciously, others might do it intentionally because they know what effect these actions have on their man or the guy the like. Here are 17 little things women do no men can ever resist.

  1. Biting your lips

Lips are sensuous and the sight of a woman biting her lips gently can drive a man wild and crazy.


  1. A smooth sultry body

A sight of smooth, sultry body or majorly legs can get a guy become hard at right places.

  1. A strict hairstyle

It might be because of how they fantasize in role playing, but a strict hairstyle can turn a guy on.

  1. Wearing man’s shirt

Man finds it super sexy when their girl wears their loose shirt and cute undies and walk around the house. He will be filled with lust and proud that you belong to him.


  1. A unique look

Go for a unique and alternative look to get your guy’s attention. Dye your hair or go for the piercing or tattoo you wanted to have.

  1. Over the shoulder glance

Give your man the perfect over the shoulder sultry look and he will be ready to take the flirting game to the next level.

  1. Off shoulder

An off-the-shoulder top or dress can be a treat for your man as he will get a glimpse of your bare shoulders and it will make him think about kissing you.


  1. Your sexy voice

If you are not blessed with a sexy voice, try your best to hold your voice and control it in a manner that appeals to your man.

  1. Being elegant

Your stance and posture need to be elegant to make a man drool over you.

  1. Full lips

Makeup in a way that it makes your lips looks fuller and kissable.


  1. Great leggings

On your casual days, wear quality leggings that will emphasis on your assets and get his imagination running.

  1. Your freckles

Emphasize these cute marks to make the most of your beauty.

  1. Heels walk

Wearing heels is not an easy task; you need to work on your heels walk to make an impact on the guy that he wants you immediately.


  1. Natural look

Go natural with your makeup, so that he can see the real you.

  1. Glasses

A new pair of glasses can change your look completely.  Go for sexy teacher vibes and he will be taken aback.

  1. Self-confidence

Be physically and emotionally confident and your man will find you sexy. Love yourself and he will love you more.

  1. Laugh with your whole heart

Do not fake laugh as the guy will get to know. Laugh your heart out and he will love it.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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