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17 Unofficial Break-Up Rules Everyone Follows!

By- Shreya Sharma

Breakups are hard to handle. No one likes to get their heart broken or to break someone else’s, heart. But we have made some unofficial breakup rules that make it hard and sometimes even make the breakups worse. The desperate and immature behavior has become breakup rules nowadays. We all follow these rules, however weird they are. You do not have to deal with a breakup in real to know these rules, we all have seen these in movies, TV shows and even with some of our friends. Breakups are the tragic experience but these rules make you feel restricted. Here are 17 unofficial breakup rules everyone follows.

  1. “We can still be friends”

If things have not gone terribly wrong, then you can ask them to be your friend. It is a way to make everything feel better. But the fact is you just broke up. It is better to be away.


  1. There should be one good reason to dump your partner because “I am not into you anymore” is not a reason enough to call things off.

You know the real reason is that they are not into you, but you do not believe it and then they have to find some wild and strange excuses.

  1. You immediately stop texting each other

The person you texted the most is now going to stand somewhere last in your texting history. They will only coordinate to get their things back.

  1. Whoever texts first after breakup, loss

You motivate yourself to stay strong and not text first even if you want to. The other person may consider that you are trying to get back together if you text them first.


  1. The one to call things off should pretend that they are not hurt even if they are broken inside

It has become the rule that the one who initiates the breakup should not feel hurt because this is what they want. But it is ok to feel sad and hurt when you are apart from someone you dated for so long, even when you know you just made the right decision.

  1. The one who initiated the breakup cannot have fun time on social media because that is rude

You cannot have an amazing time after your breakup because it will be like showing off to your ex that you are having an amazing time just after your breakup just to hurt them; though it was not planned by you to hurt them.

  1. The one who is dumped should have the amazing time on social media to show the world and your ex that you are fine.

Even if you are crying inside, but you will post your pictures with a big smile to show the world that you are having fun even without your ex.


  1. You both have to wait for months to start liking each other’s posts on social media

You cut off communication, so you cannot open their snapchat story or like their posts. After all, you do not want to look like a desperate.

  1. None of you can post multiple paragraphs about how things went down

You can change your relationship status without any hype. You are not that famous that people need a statement from you about things fell apart.

  1. You cannot post vague emotional lyrics

It is hard to suffer from big event of your life and pretend like nothing ever happened. But people expect the same from you and call it being mature when you do not put your emotions on display.


  1. If you are looking for rebound, mutual friends are not the one to seek

You might need a rebound, but you need not find someone from the same group where you found your ex.

  1. Your ex will seem more perfect after breakup

Though it is hard to deal with the fact that your ex is having a perfect time after the breakup, but you have to remember that now you do not have to deal with how much of jerk they are.

  1. Everything will remind you of your ex

Every single thing will remind you of him. The songs, the couch, the bed, the movie, even some strange smells. You just have to deal with it.


  1. You will seem funnier, even when you do not like laughing

You have to release the burns and should not bother about their feelings.

  1. To get over him, you will prepare “a list of things that you can do now as you are single”

You can quit shaving, eat the food they were allergic to and you will feel freedom.

  1. You re-invent yourself

This is where all revenge bodies come from and the main reason the stereotype exists of girls getting tattoos, piercings, or drastic haircuts after a breakup. Basically, it’s all in the name of creating a version of you that your ‘ex’ had absolutely nothing to do with. It’s your way of getting rid of the old and welcoming the new.

  1. The new term for breakup “We are on break”

Hard but true!


Source –  Tumblr

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