If You Use These 10 Emojis That’s What You Are Telling Him!

By- Shreya Sharma

Emojis have been a great help in explaining our otherwise plain text that could be misread. But really? Has it made the conversation easy or even tougher? Have you even been in a texting situation where you do not understand the meaning of the particular emoticon used by the guy you have crush on? Using emojis is a whole new game when you are trying to flirt with someone. You got to brush up your emoticon knowledge by understanding their meaning and when to use them. Here are 10 emoji, explaining what it actually tells.

  1. The blush

The blush emoticon that combines a peck on the cheek with subtle blush can either mean that you turned pink by what you read, or you are satisfied and speechless. Use it when you feel your man has said something really sweet.

the blush

  1. Crazy hearts

We sometimes get it completely wrong. While flirting, do not use it frequently. Using too much of it can give the guy a sense that you are too obsessed with him. You can use it after a fun date. You can use it to show your excitement as well.

crazy hearts

  1. The tongue

It makes sense in different situations as it is playful. It goes well with jokes and one-liners. You can use this to appreciate his sense of humor.

the tongue

  1. The wink

This is straightforward message that you are detecting the underlying meaning of his words and you like what it meant. You can use it with a scandalous message to get your point across. He will never get sick of receiving it.


  1. Hey there

The subtle rise of eyebrows and slight smile playing on lips clearly means ‘How you doing?’ You can use it if you like what he is throwing at you. And once you send it, there is no returning back to friend’s territory.

hey there

  1. Hot lips

If you are in a pre-hookup status, you got to use this. Send this emoticon to let him know that you cannot stop thinking about his steamy kisses.

hot lips

  1. The angel baby

Angel baby means sex and not being innocent. Putting this means you are saying “I am ready to get dirty”. When either of you use it, it means that some naughty action is taking place.

angel baby

  1. See no evil

It is one quirky emoticon that can get him to take notice of you. You can add it to any sentence to make him laugh. But do not overuse it.

see no evil

  1. Tell me I am pretty

This means OK, but you can use it as a flirty thank you as well. You can use it to show your humble gratitude for compliment.

tell me i am pretty

  1. Devilish

The perfect balance between naughty and innocently flirtatious is enough to get the point across. You can use it a sexting conversation, it can also be used to confirm that you’re in fact making a joke when it may otherwise be unclear. Those awkward, unknowing moments can break a nice flirty chat, quickly.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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