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Is He Really Worth The Effort? Ask Him These 15 Questions!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you are getting to know a guy, you might not ask some serious questions because it might scare the guy away, but you still need to know he is worth dating or not before you invest too much of your time and emotions on him. It is important to ask some questions that can help you decide if he is really worth the efforts. Here are 15 questions that you should ask to know if he is date-worthy or not.

  1. The thing you regret the most

We all have regrets in our life and the thing he regrets the most about can tell you a lot about him. The most important thing is if he has learned from his mistake. You will know if he is someone who can take responsibility for his actions.


  1. What do you want from life and relationship?

You might want to play it cool, but it is important to know if he is looking for a serious real relationship or just a fling.

  1. His life goals

Ask him about his short-term and long-term goals. The short-term goals will tell you about what he is dealing with right now. And the long-term goals will help you know about the big picture he wants about his life. This will help you know if you can date him.

  1. If he is a phone person

Not many men are interested in using the phone to text all time. So it is good to know because you will not end up having doubts if he does not text back.  If he is not a phone person, then he should make it clear and talk about the way he likes to contact with people.


  1. Ask about his family

It is ok if he is not having great terms with them, but he still needs to care about them and make time for them. If his family relations are dramatic, then he might be attracted towards drama.

  1. The reason for the end of the last relationship

You need to know the reason for him being single. You need to know the details as to why he called things off with his girlfriend. He might be honest and tell you if he cheated on his ex, which can be the sign that you need to maintain distance with him. If he talks bad about his ex, then it is a sign that he is not over her.

  1. About his childhood

Our childhood defines us a lot. Though it is wrong to judge people on the basis of their past, but it has made you what you are now.  If he had a stressful childhood, then there would be some issues he would be dealing with even now.


  1. His deal breakers

You need to know what all he cannot handle in a relationship and this can help you know if he is right for you or not. His deal breakers can tell you a lot about his lifestyle and relationship needs.

  1. His expectations from a partner

Everyone has different expectations from a relationship, so it is important to know if you both expect the same or not.

  1. What is his idea of the regular day?

This can tell a lot about him. You will know about work schedule if he hits the gym, his time with his friend, his food habits etc.


  1. His weekend plans

This will tell you about his interest and the importance of friends in his life. This way you will know if your social lives match or not.

  1. His biggest motivation

This will show where he wants to go in his life. Does he want success, status, money or happiness?

  1. What makes him laugh?

This will tell you about his sense of humor and you will know if it matches yours. This can tell you about his personality if he is intelligent and likes witty humor or childish to like pranks.


  1. The way he shows his love

We all have a different way to show love. This way you will know about the kind of future boyfriend you will be dealing with. You want a guy who shows his love by spending quality time with you and supporting you.

  1. If for him, man and woman can be friends?

If he thinks, man and woman cannot be friends then you need to worry about any woman he talks about when you are in the relationship. Plus, he will be having the problem with your male friends.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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