10 Things About Boobs Girls Want Guys To Know!

By- Shreya Sharma

Guys are super curious about boobs and they have done a proper research over this. Yet there are things that they will never know. These girlies are always fascinating for guys, they have read about it, talked about it and visualized them, yet they lack in information. We are happy to share our secret. Here are the things about boobs, girls want guys to know.

  1. One of them is bigger than other

It is a proven fact that for most women one breast is bigger than the other one and the difference is not always visible.

  1. Nipples have their own rules

They work for themselves to get aroused, we do not know when they feel cold or when they are excited to see you. They use their mind to sometimes put us into embarrassment.

  1. Breast orgasm

Just nipple stimulation can help us get orgasm but it requires practice and efforts.

  1. They are super sensitive

With the minutest change in our lifestyle, they can make a huge difference to our breasts. It could be anything from stress to birth control pills.

  1. They hurt too

The way manhandling your manhood hurts, same way they hurt even though they look like squeeze balls. So do not get super excited.

  1. Boob hair is normal

We are no hairless creature the way models and actresses are. Yes, we have hair and even around the nipples, it is standard. So do not be shocked and surprised if you ever witness them.

  1. Variety of nipples

There are 8 different types of nipples and all are normal. It is normal to have any of the nipple patterns.

  1. Rough play is a choice

Even during steamy session, rough play is a personal choice. Do not just start with light slapping and biting unless we allow you.

  1. They are different in different situation

Since they are super sensitive, they feel different in different situation. They face changes before periods, during periods, when you are aroused and even when we are on pills.

  1. We love when you play with them

We love fun massages, light playing and gentle nibbles. We love how you pay attention to them; all you need to do is just be a little bit careful.

Source – Tumblr, Giphy

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