25 Things To Do In Your 20s That Have Nothing To Do With Marriage!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your twenties is not just the age to find a guy and get married, it is the age where you high potentials of changing your life into something you want. You can either get married & have kids or you can just follow your dream and passion and become the person you always dreamt of. This is the stage of life where you can be fun, adventurous and explore new things because you can afford that and you will not be as free in future as you are now. Later you might be bowed down with the responsibilities, so now is the time to live your life to the fullest. Here are 25 things to do in your 20s that have nothing to do with marriage.

  1. Conquer your fear

Be courageous enough to face your fears and things that you have always avoided. Once you have faced them, you will feel proud of yourself.


  1. Fall in love without the fear of heartbreak

Understand that being in love makes you vulnerable, you need to be totally okay with it. Love without clause and hesitations.

  1. Stop comparing your life with others

No one has a perfect life and you have not been in their shoe to understand their story.

  1. Travel and explore

Go to the places you always wanted to visit. Explore the new culture and places. You will end up with some breath-taking views and you can learn a lot by interacting with local people and understanding their local culture.


  1. Accept failure with open heart

You are mature enough to understand that failure is a way forward. If one door is closed, another door will open. You just have to get up when you fall.

  1. Find out your passion

Find out the job or hobby that makes you feel great and happy for being born in this world.

  1. Being happy with your friend’s success

This is called being mature when you do not fake your smile or attend your friend’s celebration with the heavy heart.


  1. The art of letting people go

You should understand that you will meet many temporary people in your life and you need to understand that sometimes letting go is not that painful.

  1. Accept disagreement with open heart

It is totally normal for people to have different opinions. You do not have time to be cheesy and create drama over unimportant things.

  1. Exercising regularly

Having body goals and following them is really hard, but who does not want a healthy body!


  1. Try new things

Do things that make you learn new thing. It can be anything from driving on a new road to cooking new recipe to googling new things.

  1. Stop being obsessed with like and followers

The Internet is not your real life. Having fewer likes and followers will never matter to your life or contribute anything to your life.

  1. Being open about your true feelings to the one you love

Be brave enough and honest with people you love the most. It does not matter if the reciprocate the same; the important thing is that you were being honest with yourself.

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  1. Meet your parents regularly

If you stay away from your parents, visit them at least once in a month. They crave to be with you and talk with you.

  1. Getting your voice heard

Try the others hear you because of your voice and opinion matters.

  1. Apologizing for your mistakes

Do not let your pride and ego have the best of you. Learn to take responsibility for your actions and apologizing for your mistakes.


  1. Be a volunteer

Do things that help other human beings, you will be proud of yourself. Volunteer in any activity like cleaning the park or teaching poor kids.

  1. Stop denying when you are sad or being stressed out

You understand that life is not all about happiness and people are no mind readers to know it on their own.

  1. Being calm when you are angry

This way you will be able to think about things clearly and you will try to explain them as easily as possible.


  1. Do not be afraid of leaving a toxic relationship

You need to be strong and mature enough to leave someone who is abusing you emotionally.

  1. Find out your true friends

They are the ones without whom you feel like home and you need to be fake with them.

  1. Stop being afraid of making the first move

Because why not? This is the 21st century and we can make the first move too.


  1. Learn to leave regrets behind

Looking back is not going to solve your problem. The decisions you have made were something you wanted in that time.

  1. Make something that you could have purchased

There are so many DIY videos online that can help you.

  1. Appreciate the money that you have earned

Start making your own financial plans and try not to buy on impulse.

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