8 Thoughts You Have When You Visit Gynecologist For The First Time!

By- Sheena Bagga

It was the first time you see a new gynecologist you’ll often meet them in his/her office to talk about yourself. There are certain questions arises in you mind, that what is going to be happen with you or what kind of exams they will ask you to give. You were being so nervous for it. You started thinking on, that what kind of things you must be comfortable in asking them. The things were going in your mind in numerous ways. You want to express it but sometimes you were being shy because for you it is for the first time.

Some of the various things that usually happens when you visit your gynec for the first time:

  1. What kind of things should I talk to my gynecologist?


  1. How will I get to know that my test are normal or not?


  1. How much information is to disclose about my sexual partner?


  1. Do I really have to go to a gynecologist?


  1. Do I have to get naked for the test?


  1. Is there anything I shouldn’t ask my gynecologist?


  1. Do I need to do something with my massive bush?


  1. Damn! It’s going to be super-awkward!


Source – Tumblr, Giphy

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