Adorable Yet Weird! 14 Things Couples Do Make People Crazy!

By- Jyoti Gupta

Being in a relationship is one crazy phase with lots of ups and downs and love. We grow so much in love that we forget the people around and wear it on our sleeves. PDA becomes irritating for others but for you, it is just a way to show love for your partner. Couples can be irritating and embarrassing and time and couples in our friend group have pissed us off a zillion of times. Here are the adorable yet weird things that couples do that make people crazy.

  1. Asking for relationship advice

They will discuss details of their relationship with a friend who has no idea about what relationships are and hope to get an advice from them.


  1. “Baby eat na!!”

 Spoon feeding each other and getting them food is so irritating. They are grown up enough to serve for themselves and eat on their own. Why do not couples understand that!

  1. Stating the obvious thing and asking for advice

This turns out really embarrassing because we cannot say the truth and yes, it is rude.

  1. Public Display of Affection

It is embarrassing for people around them when they display love in public more than in private.


  1. Public Display of Anger

They burst out in anger on each other anywhere and everywhere without realizing that there are hundreds of people watching them. Go home to continue your fight for the what-so-ever reason.

  1. Oversharing personal information

Why? Why you have to share every detail about your love life, your partner, and sexual pleasures?

  1. Password sharing

True sharing is caring but why do you need to get the password to one another’s all the security locks? And then why to act as a detective?


  1. Chatting all time

Though they are together all the time, God forbade if they get any time to spend apart, they are busy with their chatting game with each other.

  1. Color coordinate

 You will always find them in color-coordinated clothes which for them is a mere co-incidence.

  1. New bestie!!

Their new boyfriend becomes their new best friend. They come together, leave together, eat together and what not. You feel like an outsider to your own best friend.


  1. End of the world fights

They fight like there is no tomorrow, howling, shouting, cursing and bring up the questions that should not be talked about and ending up in tears.

  1. Saying meaningless things

This majorly happens when one is drunk and puts out all the meaningless, hurtful personal issues in public and next day act like a puppy, forcing them not to break up.

  1. Nicknames

They have cute nicknames that are better if used in private. It is irritating when they use it in public and others have no clue about it.

  1. Giving free relationship pieces of advice

They think they are Mr. and Miss. Know-it-all, especially when it comes to “relationship issues”. However, it’s not too cool when they are facing the exact same issues.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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