15 Ways To Get Him To Chase You And Fall Hard!

By- Shreya Sharma

You may not notice it, but we all kind of chase guys. Remember all the stalking on Facebook and Instagram, befriending his friends, indirectly asking them about him or having that ‘accidental’ bump. We all have done this once in our life. But why make it easy for guys? Why be the one chasing them? Turn the tables around and make a guy chase you instead. Stop chasing them, and let them put in the efforts to get to know us. Keep your stalking skills to a low-key and let him do the work. Here are 15 ways to get him to chase you and fall hard.

  1. Be confident

Men love women who are confident. Confidence always appeals people. Let him see you for the confident you are. Be confident about yourself like you do not need any man to help you out. It will make them want you even more.


  1. Show that you are in demand

There are a couple of guys who are willing to date you, so show him that he is not the only one and there are much more. Post pictures with other people and tag them in your status to show that you are in demand and he is in the competition. Guys love to win competitions.

  1. Let him think he is boss

Guys like to feel that they are in charge and are the decision makers. It does not mean you need not to make decisions. You just need to let him THINK that way.

  1. Act like busy

You might be sitting idle on your couch and thinking about him only, but show him that you are too busy. Do not always reply his texts instantly and do not be overly available. Show him, you have other things to do as well.


  1. Do not give him everything right away

He is not your boyfriend that you feel obliged that you owe him something. You do not have to see with him or make out with him right away. You do not owe him anything; get that straight into your head.

  1. Show him that you have a life of your own

Show him that you have a life of your own; you have friends, you have the job, you are going to college, you have hobbies. Show him that your life is not influenced by a guy. Show him that you are happy without a guy.

  1. Be mysterious

Guys love to chase a girl when she is a little mystery that they have to solve. Do not give up every detail about your life on the first date. Keep your past relationship or family drama on a hold for the fifth or sixth relationship.


  1. Do not be clingy

Do not hold his arm and look lovingly into his eyes and make him feel like a god. Compliment him, but do not go crazy over him. Do not act needy and clingy.

  1. Be sexy

Do not dress like someone you are not, but you can enhance the features you naturally have. Wear that hot red lipstick or show off your curves. It will drive him crazy.

  1. While texting, remember less is more

Do not send him an essay because no one likes to read those long texts over a smartphone. Keep your texts short and simple, and leave your stories for the date.


  1. Less of drama

The man just dislikes drama and run away from it. They cannot handle it emotionally. Keep the drama at home or for your girls.

  1. Ignore

The less of attention you pay to a guy the more they are inclined towards you.  If you pay attention to a guy, they are likely to be seen nowhere. Ignore the guy you like, it will be hard but you have to do this in order to make him chase you.

  1. Flirt with him

To make him chase you does not mean you have to be ice cold. Flirt with him, have fun. Show him that you are interested in him. Give him the reason to chase you.


  1. Be prepared to let him go

If he does not match your standards, do not hold on to him or lower your standards. If he is the kind of guy you want, but he never replies to you, drop him. He is not chasing you; he is just looking for an opportunity to get into your pants.

  1. Wait for the right time

If you always play hard to get, he will quit chasing you. Look when the time is right to give him a little more. It need not be sex, but a kiss may be!


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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