12 Reasons Being Gross With Him Can Keep Your Relationship Alive!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being too comfortable in your relationship is not that bad a sign. Being lazy to come to your partner and talking over texts from other room is a bad sign. You should be comfortable with your partner to be your real self, even if others might find it embarrassing. Here are 12 reasons being gross with him can keep your relationship alive.

  1. You feel comfortable with each other

You can pee in front of your partner while he is brushing, and it is no big issue as long as you both are okay and comfortable with it.


  1. It is a sign of security in your relationship

Earlier you might try to avoid going to him with your no makeup face, or your sweaty look after gym so that you do not make him run away from you. But now you have grown comfortable enough that you know these things will not make him run away from you.

  1. It lightens the mood of your relationship

If you can burp and fart in the presence of each other and laugh about it, it will add some humor and lighten the mood of your relationship. You understand that it is human nature and it is ok.

  1. You have new ways to be intimate

You do not feel gross about morning breath or back acne. You are open with each other and you are ready to accept each other’s less appealing sides too.


  1. You have new milestones

Everyone reminds about their first kiss and first fight. But you have grown so comfortable that you have shared the times when you laughed so hard that you spat the water in your mouth on the floor. You make such memories together.

  1. There are no inhibitions left

Now you do not feel conscious about your body, and you are comfortable walking naked in your house in his presence. You have been sleeping together and now you are confident about your body that you do not mind if he inspects your moles.

  1. It is easy for you to communicate and learn more

You have the opportunity to learn more about each other. You can talk with your partner about periods so that he knows what to do for you during that time of the month. You can talk about your mental, physical and emotional feelings.


  1. You can be your real self with each other

You might pretend to be perfect in the initial days of your relationship, but now you can be your real self and do not mind burp-singing or your stomach growling when he is around you. You both are comfortable with this level of grossness and you can show you real side which is interesting.

  1. You can see how a father he would be

If he is there with you when you puke without being grossed out, he can be a good father to your kid.

  1. You do not feel the pressure to act perfectly

It can be stressful to be your best version with your partner. But now that you are comfortable enough, you do not care to shave your legs when you go out on a date. Your partner loves you enough not to judge you on the basis of your hair.


  1. You can confide in each other

We all want a partner who supports us not only with our goals but when we are on periods or to learn about why the color of our poop is so different. You can tell each other everything and this makes it easy for you to confide in him.

  1. You have fun together

You are comfortable to let your guards down and enjoy yourself. You can have fun together without thinking how your partner is going to react.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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