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12 Realistic Expectations That Are Normal To Have In Relationships!

By- Shreya Sharma

Often couples end up expecting way too much from each other which weakens their bond and relationship as they themselves instill so many reasons to fight for. It is difficult to have realistic and attainable expectations in your relationship. And to make your relationship happy, you need to put in constant efforts. Here are 12 realistic expectations that are normal to have in the relationship.

  1. To be Honest

Honesty is the glue that holds your relationship together. Trust is fragile and it can be shattered easily and it is difficult to rebuild it. So, it is necessary, to be honest in your relationship.


  1. To have romance

You need to keep the romance alive in your relationship, but do not overdo it. Be creative and put your efforts to keep the spark alive. You are in a relationship to feel the love and butterflies after all.

  1. To have true love

Your actions must be motivated by love even if they are not wise and logical. When you love and care your partner, you can deal with all the odds. So, it is more than okay to expect love from your partner because else, there is no point being in a relationship.

  1. The art to forgive

There are so many decisions you have to make when you are in a relationship. And sometimes you make the decision without realizing its consequences. If your partner makes a wrong decision, you should learn to forgive them rather than holding the grudge.


  1. To be attentive

You need to be attentive towards your partner’s need to avoid problems in your relationship. But do not suffocate him with excessive attention. You both should be attentive to what the other person is saying and their needs and wants.

  1. To be playful

Relationships fail because people get bored of each other. You need to be playful with each other and tease each other to keep things light and alive in your relationship.

  1. To laugh together

Laughter can lead to a long lasting relationship. Involve happiness and laughter into your relationship and you will have a healthy relationship.


  1. To have to understand

Wisdom is to know and understand. You need to understand your partner better to have a healthy relationship. understanding helps your relationship grow.

  1. A text back

It is okay to expect that your partner should text you back. It is not about having a constant chat. You should give each other space, but a single text will not hurt anyone.

  1. To give genuine compliments

It is not just about getting compliments, but you should also give compliments to your partner. It is bound to make you both feel blessed and happy with each other.


  1. To hang out with your friends

You may need space and to hang out with your friends without your partner, but it is ok to expect that your partner should accompany you once in a while. It is great if he too can have fun with your friends.

  1. To put up with your family

We all have an annoying, weird and lovable family. It is okay to expect that your partner should accompany you to the family parties and vacations.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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