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What Are His Bedroom Skills Based On His Zodiac?

By- Shreya Sharma

Zodiac can help us a lot about who our true love might be, what career will suit us the best, what to wear on the first date and every other thing. We all love to read our horoscope to know what it holds for us or sometimes juts to see if it is even true or not which is actually true for us at times. We all are curious to know about our future partner and especially about the kind of lover he will be and how he will be in bed. Here are your man’s bedroom skills based on his zodiac.

  1. Aries

An Aries man loves kissing. Their love style is going to be filled with passion and there will lot of hot and fiery moments. He is an energetic and tough guy who will not mind leading you to bed. Allow him to take full control and he will start to treat you like a competition where only one can win but this will ensure you some passion and sexy kisses. He is the leader who likes to kiss.


  1. Taurus

He will take it slow and make things as sensual and easy as possible. He will treat you right as he loves to give and serve. He will not rush into things because he has enough stamina to hold on. He will take things slow to give you what you want. They are not spontaneous and fiery as he will stick to the things he knows that you like. He prefers traditional things rather than experiments. He has enough stamina to make you happy.

  1. Gemini

Gemini guy is experimental and creative. He will try out every position until he finds out the best position that suits you and him. He is energetic and curious to try out new kinds of stuff. Their sexuality constantly changes and they are open to trying anything and everything. Since they are curious, they get bored easily and want to change the pace. He is willing to try anything.

  1. Cancer

He is all about love, warmth, and passion. He will make a lasting impression on you and it will be hard for you to forget the time spent with him. He puts his emotions into the bedroom and acts which means they are not in for one night stands. He will make you feel safe and secure. He is the kind of guy who will prepare breakfast for you and will leave sweet notes by your side. He is the sensitive soul with so many emotions that he can turn moody at times. He is all about passion.


  1. Leo

He is all about strength; beauty and someone who can make you want him in bed. He has a lot of stamina and is extremely patient which is quite important in the bedroom. He is an old school romantic so he might take you out for expensive wine and dine first. Your time with him will feel like being in a fairytale world. He will love to put himself first and want you to admire him. He is strong and old school romantic.

  1. Virgo

He is all about details and he will care about if you had manicure of switched your shampoo. He will take the time to appreciate everything about you and will work to satisfy you. He will work on your needs and will make sure that you have a great time. He will take care of your every instruction. He will not initiate bedroom fun, but this does not mean he is not enjoying himself. His aim is to please you.

  1. Libra

He is a man full of mysteries who is going to give you memorable times. He will treat you right with a perfect relationship. He wants to please you and does not mind initiating things. He will get things going as long as you are feeling cherished and important. He will take the time to open up and tell you what he wants in bed. He is all about the experience.


  1. Scorpio

He is all about hotness, seduction, and experimentation. He can be adventurous anytime. He will be devoted to you in the bedroom. He will make you let go of your insecurities, push your boundaries and open up to your sensual and sexy side. He is great with mind games, so you should be careful with what you reveal in the bedroom. He is great when it comes to playing the victim card. He is adventurous and sensual.

  1. Sagittarius

He is the manly man in bed. He will make you feel protected and safe. He is strong physically and emotionally and is open to trying new things in bed. He is independent and free spirited and he will not couple up just because you are sleeping together. He might not give you a true emotional connection. He is strong and direct.

  1. Capricorn

He is there for kissing, touching and hugging. He does not keep things to the bedroom only; he will make you experience the things he has to offer even before you reach home. He wants to be in charge and keep things going for a long time. He has his fetishes and kinks. You need to be patient because he will take some time to sync up with you. He is intense.


  1. Aquarius

Anything he has to do begin within his mind and then translates into the rest of his body. He is an innovator. He wants to explore, experiment, create and go on an adventure. He is open minded and will not judge you for the things you tell him between the sheets. For him, things in bed are a mental and physical act and he does not want spiritual or emotional connection. He is in for experiments without too many emotions.

  1. Pisces

He understands your body. He is intuitive and body language is the first language he speaks. He is very receptive and always one step ahead of what you need and want. You may feel yourself, body and mind, bonding with a Pisces after experiencing their soulful and artistic side in bed. He can either be complete selfless or selfish. He has no problem playing the guilt card and may play it so flawlessly you don’t even realize he’s doing it. He is in sync with your body.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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