7 Reasons You Should Not Make Any New Year Resolution!

By- Shreya Sharma

As we are on the verge to end 2016, we all have our plans, we oath to not repeat all the mistakes we made this year, to leave the past behind, to work hard as to achieve our dream job, be nice to people and so much more. We all are in the resolution and party mood but what we end up following is our party plan and hardly for a few days our resolution streak and then it all vanishes and life happens. Here are the reasons why you should not make any New Year Resolution.

  1. You are being unrealistic

Usually what we expect or take resolution for is unrealistic and create a realistic goal that you can actually achieve. Instead of taking a resolution to drop two dress size numbers, take the resolution to exercise 45 minutes thrice in a week.

  1. Every single day is a new start

When we seal a resolution we give our self “just one chance” but in reality life is full of chances. You can start over every day and do the best you can and start over again if you fail. When you have so many chances, why to give yourself just one chance?

  1. The things that improve our life are not the ones we resolve to

Happiness is sure shot a way to improve our life and we can be happy when we are with our friends and family, when we perform daily activities perfectly and when we forgive easily. These are not the things you do not need to practice, dedicate, or resolve to do. They just happen.

  1. You are good enough just as you are

We say there is always a scope for betterment but you ae good enough the way you are. Goals and hopes for future can change in an instant. All we need to do is sustain through the chaos life throw at us.

  1. Resolutions are too rigid

You have to follow a rigid schedule and have to be tough to yourself to try accomplishing it. But being tough on yourself is not a way to get it done, it will drift you away from your resolution plus life is not the same always.

  1. Motivation does not last

As a trend to take resolution, you are motivated to have one. You oath to do so and so and are motivated that yes you can do this but slowly and gradually you are out of it. You are busy with other things and you cannot maintain that zeal in you forever.

  1. Habit is everything

If you have the habit to smoke and your resolution is to quit smoking, you will not smoke for two days-three days but then your habit will force you to have at least one and that one will turn into a full-fledged habit again. You need to do things step by step.

Source – Tumblr, Giphy

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