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15 Signs You Are SETTLING In Your Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

People may think that being single is the worst thing that can happen to anyone, but the trust is settling in a relationship is worse. It is like accepting less than you deserve in a relationship and giving the signal that you are not worth any more. If you are in a relationship and you think you are not as happy in the relationship as you thought you will be, then it is probably because you are settling down for less than you deserve. Here are 15 signs you are settling in your relationship.

  1. You are sad

Relationships have good and bad days. But the good days should over power the bad days, if you have more of days that leave you sad and unhappy, then it is the time you ask yourself that why are you in the relationship?


  1. You are scared to express your feelings

You know you are unhappy, but you cannot speak up for yourself. You are scared to express your feelings because of the outcome. If a person really cares about you, he will try to know what is going on so that he can make things better for you.

  1. Your needs are not met

Everyone has needs and when in a relationship, it is fair to expect respect, attention and quality time. If he is not meeting your needs and you are not speaking up, then you are settling.

  1. He is not concerned about what you want

Sometimes, due to time schedules and finances, it is not possible to meet all your wants. But if he is into you, he will consider your wants and will try to meet them whenever he can.


  1. You are not on the same page

You are trying to make your relationship more than what it is now, and he shows no efforts and signs to meet you on the level you are, then you are settling.

  1. Your family dislike him

Your family knows you and loves you for the longest of time. And if they do not like a guy for you, then you should not ignore this sign.

  1. You feel the pressure to change yourself

Your relationship should change you for better. If he is pressurizing you to change who you are, then that is not good. He cannot manipulate you into what he wants.


  1. Your eyes wander

It is natural to notice attractive guys because of course, you have not gone blind after being in the relationship. But if you keep on flirting with guys and think to find someone else, then it is a sign that you are not satisfied and settling.

  1. Your friends say so

If you have heard your friends say ‘why are you with him?” or “you can do better without him”, then take these signs into consideration. They want the best for you.

  1. Sex is solution

Sex is amazing, but it also makes you overlook how your relationship is going the rest of the time. Sex is not a solution to your relationship issues. It should express how well your relationship is going, and not act as a band aid.


  1. Your life has not become better

If your relationship is not making you better then there is not the point of staying in it. Think of the things that are good in your relationship, and if you find it hard to answer it, catch the clue.

  1. It is not moving

When someone wants to be with you, they will make future plans with you. If you are in the same place since a long time, then ask yourself why and why you are settling?

  1. Your GUY friends say so

Your male friends are your best guide and protector. They know how guys think, so if they tell you that you deserve better, then you probably do.


  1. You know you can do better

If during the times when you’re by yourself, you say “I know I deserve better than this”, you really should not ignore your feelings. Sometimes, when we’re in a relationship, we stay because we’re afraid of what lies ahead if we were to let the relationship go. There are a lot of men in this world. You’re not going to discover them unless you’re willing to take a risk and move on.

  1. More of arguments

Arguments are a part of the relationship. People generally fight due to poor communication skills or not being able to see eye-to-eye. If you choose to be with this way without seeking a solution then you are settling.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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