7 *Sneaky* Ways To Masturbate Without Your Parents Knowing!

By- Shreya Sharma

When it comes to masturbation, it is complete fun but we all fear that what if our parents catch a hold of us in between the act. Though they will be assuming that you masturbate, you still will not want them to know about it. It is sometimes hard to get privacy and the idea of your parents getting to know about you being sexually active yourself is damn scary. Here are the sneaky ways to masturbate without your parents knowing.

  1. In the shower

In your shower time, you are all alone and nobody is going to walk in. you will have the fun and get clean. You can use the water instead of vibrator and nobody will doubt if you take too long to step out.

  1. Play music

If you are one of those who get loud, it is better you play music on speakers or TV, so that your voice gets mixed with the sound of music and any one at home will not even doubt.

  1. Wait for everyone to sleep

When everyone is asleep, you will have your alone time and you will not have to worry about someone stepping in. and since it is all quiet, you will hear it if someone wakes up and you will have enough time to stop and act as if you were doing something else.

  1. Under the covers

If you are doing it in your bed, make sure you have some covers over you, so that if someone walks in, you can pretend to be heading towards a nap.

  1. In the closet

If you have one big closet and your washroom and other rooms are occupied and you have the urge to masturbate, do it in your closet. There is enough privacy, so you will not be disturbed and if someone walks in, you can make any excuse such as you were arranging things in it.

  1. Get a lock

You are at certain age and deserve privacy. When you have lock, you will be able to have the alone time and feel yourself.

  1. Wait until nobody is home

This is the safest method to not get caught masturbating. If you know your parents are going out on Friday night, plan some “you time” for that night, so there is no risk of your parents walking in on you while you do it.

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