8 Things that girls lie to their parents about

We girls are the most pampered by our parents yet at times we need to lie to them. There are times we cannot hurt them with truth and hence we have to lie to them a few times. Some of the lies that girls tell to their parents are:-

  1. Night outs with boyfriend

When we lie to our parents that “Ishleen k ghar ja rhi hu padne k liye, raat ko wahin rukungi”, we all know that is just a lie to have a night out with our boyfriend.

  1. Bikini wax

It is all done in hush-hush voice. May be your best friend knows about it but not your mom. She would start asking ample of questions like “kyu krwana hai?”, “kya jarurat hai abhi?” and so on.

  1. Reason for being late

We have to make various bahanas to cover-up for being late. We know it was us who neglected the deadline but then it has to be blamed on metro or traffic or any other friend.

  1. When meeting up with boyfriend

When we use our best friend to meet our boyfriend. Our BFFs are our saviors anytime. Whenever we want to hide something, they come to our rescue. We all have said and done this. When dialogues like “Priyanka se milne ja rhi hu” or “Priyanka ko shopping pe jana hai” are used to hide our meeting with our boyfriend.

  1. About boyfriend

Oh!! The mother of all lies, when we cannot share about our boyfriend with our parents and Dev becomes Devika on our cell phones. Though it adds some flavor in your relationship but it makes you lie a lot to your parents.

  1. Lie about your far-off trips

When your parents ask “kahan gae the friends k sath” and you say in a hushed voice “kahin nhi, bas uske ghar/mall/park me the”. You know you lied to them and then you scan all your pictures of that day to make sure that none of the pictures shows or indicates the location.

  1. About savings

This is especially for those who earn or have a job. We know, we spent a lot here and there, on parties, shopping; leaving a little for savings. But when our parents ask “beta kuch save bhi kar rahe ho ya sab uda rahe ho” we confidently reply it with “haan papa, kr rhi hu savings bhi!!”.

  1. About scores

We ourselves do not perform well but use statements like “sab hi fail hue hain” or “uske toh mjhse bhi kum marks aae hain” to save our grace. We know at that time we lie to save our ass.

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