15 Vagina Facts That Surely Would Make *Penis* Jealous!

By- Shreya Sharma

Once in our life or even more than that, we all have thought about being a guy. This usually happens during the time of period. We feel the guys be so lucky that they do have to bleed for a week every month. There are many times we have thought being a guy with the penis is better than being a girl with the vagina. Here are 15 vagina facts that surely would make penis jealous.

  1. A whole human baby can come out of the vagina.

This is worth respect because certainly, a penis cannot do that.


  1. Vagina can stretch three times of its original size to produce baby

The typical diameter of the vagina is about 3 cm and an infant’s head is 10 cm.

  1. It grows nearly 50 percent in length

During arousal, the length (depth) of the vagina grows from an average length of 7 or 8 cm up to 10 or 11 cm.

  1. We are not judged by the size of the organ

No one can see in the depth it has.


  1. It has a self-cleaning process

Well, uncircumcised men have to clean under their foreskin to prevent from fungal and bacterial infections. The vagina has the self-cleaning system. It produces natural fluids to flush out bad bacteria and maintain pH level.

  1. Self-lubrication process

We do not need lube because we have our own way of getting ready to get down. Most people get wet when they are turned on.

  1. When we are turned on in public, nobody can know

Men cannot hide the boner. But we do not have to worry about anyone spying our hidden cloner.


  1. You can have two of them

Vagina forms from two tubular structures that fuse in the middle. The divider along the midline disappears during the development. But in some case, it does not, so some women are born with a line that divides vagina into two. Some might not know about it, while some may opt to get it removed. When something is inserted, the septum pushes to one side or the other.

  1. You can put things into it

Do not use it as a stash box. But there are wonderful things that you should put in your vagina like clean fingers, tongues, and penises.

  1. Vagina have their own workout

Our vagina is surrounded by muscles that we can flex and strengthen. Kegel exercise can help you work on your pelvic floor muscles that surround the vaginal canal. It helps you get more strong contractions during orgasm. You can work on them anytime and anywhere.


  1. When you act stupid, no one says “you are being a vagina”

But people do say “Stop being a dick”

  1. It is just one of the place on a woman’s body that helps orgasm

We can achieve orgasm from vaginal, clitoral, nipple and perianal stimulation.

  1. You can find about 5 inches of hidden clitoris there

The clitoris is basically 9 to 11 cm long and most of it is inside your vagina and out of your view. The most sensitive part is the part we see ‘clitoris glans’ but the entire thing is extended into the vagina that can be stimulated.


  1. There is nothing as whiskey vagina


  1. We can have multiple orgasms

While men and their penises have to wait out a refractory period until they can come again. The length of the refractory period varies from person to person but tends to get longer with age.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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