17 Questions You Should Be able To Answer About Your Boyfriend!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you are in the early stage of your relationship, you do not know much about your partner. There are a few important things that you must know about your man rather than focusing about the small things. These important questions will help you know your man better and even help you in your relationship. Here are 17 questions you should know about your boyfriend.

  1. Does he see his future with you?

If he does not see any future with you, then you should know it now only to safeguard yourself from heartbreak.


  1. What is his phone password?

When you are in a relationship, there should be nothing that he hides from you. He should trust you and give you his phone’s password.

  1. What is the time when he wakes up?

You must be aware of his schedule.

  1. What cheers him up when he is upset?

You should be the one who is capable enough to make him smile when he is upset.


  1. What is the thing that is most important to him?

It could be his job or his family or you, but you must know.

  1. What song reminds him of you?

You must know about it, because you will be able to understand how he sees you through the lyrics of the song that reminds him of you.

  1. What is his favorite meal?

When you know his favorite meal, you can cook it for him more often.


  1. How long does he want to date before getting married?

You cannot plan you future together until you do not know for how long he wants to wait.

  1. How many kids does he want?

If you both are on same page and want same amount of kids, then this is great sign for you.

  1. How long does it takes for him to orgasm?

If you are sexually active, you must know this.


  1. How he has saved your number in his phone?

The name he has used to save your number will help you know what he really thinks of you.

  1. How was his childhood?

If you know about his childhood, you will know why he grew up into man that he is now.

  1. When he had his first kiss?

Though it is uncomfortable, but you should know about his past.


  1. How is his bond with his family?

If he is a mumma’s boy, it will be hard for you and if he is disconnected from his family, you will have to know his perception of a family.

  1. What is his phone number?

You should know his number by heart, so that you can call him in case of emergency.

  1. What do his parents think about you?

If they dislike you, this is one big issue.

  1. What does he love the most about you?

When you know the reasons why he loves you, you feel more confident.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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