17 Hot Kissing Challenges To Try With Your Boyfriend!

By- Shreya Sharma

Kissing is fun and passionate yet cute way to express your love. Each kiss has its own meaning and when it is with your boyfriend you can show each of your feelings through the kiss. Show him your care, love, lust, passion and every other emotion! But why to keep your kissing game to this level only when you can make it even more exciting! Here are 17 hot kissing challenges to try with your boyfriend!

  1. Kiss without sex

When you are sexually active, probably your make-out sessions always lead to sex. Try kissing for the long period of time without having sex right after. Make it a clause not to have sex immediately and spend more of time kissing.


  1. No kiss on lips

You need not kiss during intercourse. Try playing with touch; touch each other in different ways to heat up things.

  1. Kiss with open eyes

Mostly when we kiss someone, we close our eyes. Challenge your man to keep his eyes open and see how it feels.

  1. Ice cube kiss

Suck an ice cube before kissing your partner, it will give him new sensations and this coldness might turn him on.


  1. “Guess the candy” kind of kiss

Put some candy in your mouth, kiss your man and ask him about the flavor he just ate. You will get to know how good his taste buds are!

  1. Make a new kind of kiss

Take it as a challenge to make a new kind of kiss and once you find it, give it a name.

  1. Kiss for the longest

The longest kiss in the world lasted over 58 hours. See how long you and your man can kiss.


  1. Eat something tasty kiss

Try eating his favorite flavor or sucking his favorite mint before a kiss, it will be unexpected for him.

  1. Kiss while eating

The next you two eat spaghetti or noodles together, eat the same piece and end up kissing every time till the bowl is finished.

  1. Kiss in the rain

Live out your dream of having an intense kiss in the rain.


  1. Recreate a movie kiss

Recreate the kiss from any movie you liked. Recreate as many movie kisses as you can.

  1. Drink-kiss game

Watch a movie or TV show, and whenever a drink’s name is mentioned or a drink is shown, you have to kiss.

  1. Go without kissing

Go on a romantic date without kissing. See how long you both can control your urge to kiss. You will get to know that you two can have fun even without being physical.


  1. Blindfold kiss

Put a blindfold on him, so that he cannot see the kiss coming. He will have to rely on his senses to kiss you back.

  1. Kiss in public without being seen

When you are in public, find a spot where no one can see you and then make-out. And when people come to the place, act like nothing happened.

  1. Popsicle kisses

Get few Popsicle sticks and write a different kind of kisses on them, then randomly pick up a stick and do as the stick says.  

  1. Get close without kiss

Get your lips as close to his lips but do not kiss him. And then see which one of you loses and initiates the kiss.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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