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24 Things EVERY Girl Learns In Her 20s!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your 20s is the time when you discover your true self and make some major important decisions. You will graduate, start your career, live an independent life and start a new relationship. There will be times when you will be happy, sad or hopeful and this will be no less than a roller coaster ride. You will learn a lot in this time period and this will help you become more wise and independent. Here are 24 things every girl learns in her 20s.

  1. You will learn to manage your funds

You will slowly learn to manage your finance and funds. Track your monthly income and expenses, this way you will be able to manage your savings.


  1. It is okay to not have things figured out

Do not put pressure on yourself because it is okay if you do not know what you want to do in your career. Have patience and know your likes and dislikes first.

  1. You will learn to speak for yourself

You will learn to speak for what you want without hurting people’s feelings. You will have the courage to speak for yourself.

  1. Love needs efforts

You will learn that every relationship requires efforts, and the most you need to work on is your love life, because the longer the relationship, the more the conflicts. You will learn to communicate and compromise so that you and your partner can stay happy together.

  1. You will find true friends

You will not have many friends, but you will be left with true friends. You will have friends who will support you and stand by you, whenever you need them.


  1. Not to compare yourself

You will understand that everyone is unique and have their flaws and qualities, so there is no point comparing yourself to others. If you want, it is better to compare yourself with your earlier version to see your progress.

  1. You are not here to please everyone

Stop being a people pleaser because there will be people who will never be pleased by you. Be kind and your best to the people so that they cherish your personality.

  1. You can be funny

Even if you cannot, try to be funny. People will pity you and laugh at your miserable jokes but that is fun to make people laugh.

  1. Step away from your gadgets

Put your phone and laptop away and pay attention to people who are there with you. Your phone has disconnected you with people in person. Learn to put your gadgets down.

  1. Talk about your feelings

There is nothing wrong and awkward in sharing your feelings with the people you love. Tell your parents and your best friend about how much you love them.


  1. Learn to be alone

Being alone does not mean being lonely. You can be comfortable being single or staying in an independent apartment alone. This will make you strong and confident.

  1. Do things for the first time

This is the best time to try new things because you never know what suits you the best and fits the bill.

  1. You have to leave toxic people

You will learn that it is important to stay away from toxic people in your life. You will learn to walk away from negativity in your life.

  1. Spending your money is okay

It is okay to treat and pamper yourself by spending your hard-earned money on yourself.

  1. The importance of travelling

It is important to travel and see the world because you might not get this chance again.


  1. Work on your dream job

Happiness is greater than money. Go for the job you always wanted to do, the one that makes you happy.

  1. Being bitchy exists is real world too

But, now the arguments might come from someone you used to think as your friend.

  1. Stress is a part of life

But do not let it take a toll on you. If it gets on your nerves, talk with your friend.

  1. To get out of your comfort zone

You will learn to take risks and be brave.

  1. Sleep is important

Nothing can replace sleep and you will look for the days where you can just stay at home and sleep.


  1. You worth more than an ex

You deserve someone who wants to spend time with you, not someone who does not even care to text you back.

  1. Social media is not real life

It is distorted and only shows the good side of people’s life.

  1. You will come to terms with your life

Your life might not be what you imagined, but you will start to love it the way it is.

  1. Learn to fall in love and out of love

Try it. And then try it again. Try until you find the one that soothes your soul.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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