15 Purely Stupid Things Girls Do To Get Attention Of Guys!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all lure for attention and sometimes even do things that can get us attention from the people we want to surround ourselves with. We all are guilty of doing it. But we all know putting fake act and lying is never successful. The best we can do is to be ourselves to get the most attention in long run. But still, some people follow those childish, immature attention seeking tricks. Here are 15 purely stupid things girls do to get the attention of guys.

  1. Lied about things

Some people say anything and lie just to get attention from people. This is infuriating if they are lying about you. It shows that they are insecure and uncomfortable with themselves. Lying is hurtful, and also ends badly for the liar.


  1. Cheating

Sometimes the guy we like acts like he does not like us the way we like them. And to get their attention and care, we cheat on them. We try to make him feel jealous so that he realize about how much he cares for us. Of course, he cared but not enough to stay with someone who hurt him that bad.

  1. Putting their body on display

We all know someone on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter who post a photo of themselves either showing off their boobs, rear-ends or any other body part. Or they post pouty face selfies endlessly and the worst part is their caption and you know it is just for attention.

  1. Changed themselves

Some people are never comfortable with their own skin which makes them completely change who they are. They try to imitate celebs or their friend to stand out and get attention. Everyone is unique and changing yourself is disappointing.


  1. Faking their personality

We know how men find the girl on girl action attractive. But this does not mean you pretend to be lesbian just to get the attention of the guy you like. You need not turn into fake lesbian because it will be wrong with the other girl, you will not have that much fun and it will be a tease for the man. Stop playing games and be confident in who you are.

  1. Manipulating people

We know how to manipulate people to get what we want; it is ok to use your personality to get ahead in life. But using your emotions and intelligence to manipulate people is wrong.

  1. Too much of makeup

Makeup trends keep on changing but applying too much of makeup just because it is in trend to get people’s attention is never cool. You look beautiful even without makeup. A little bit of makeup never hurts, in fact, it just adds to how beautiful you look. But wearing way too much makeup that you start looking for someone else is like going way too far.


  1. Experimenting illegal things

We all want to explore and understand new things and escape the real world by using the illegal things. But doing it for attentions is not normal. They are serious, addictive and dangerous. They are also illegal and harmful to your health. Do not use these illegal things to get the attention from the guy you like because they find it cool.

  1. Playing dumb

Sometimes women to get the attention from the man they like to act dumb and say stupid things that are way below than their intelligence level. Remember your brains and intellect will get you more attention than acting dumb.

  1. Change in hair

We all know people who get their hair dye in completely weird color or just shave them off or chop them off from longest to the shortest. It could be because the guy she likes asked her to do this, or just because she loves to get the attention from people which sometimes leave them with awkward haircuts making them feel uncomfortable.


  1. Being a rebel

Engaging in risk-taking behavior and being a moody and sulking individual is usually for attention. Initially, people find it interesting to spend time with them, but they find it cliché because such people have little regard for the safety of themselves and the people around them. They make impulsive and dangerous decisions just to get attention.

  1. Bullied other people

Bullies pick victims and tease them relentlessly when they’re in the presence of others. Whether they want to make onlookers think they’re cool or just trying to feel better about themselves, it’s pathetic. It’s absolutely ridiculous and immature. If you do it, it’s time to grow up.

  1. Starving

We know how people want to look thin just like the models, but it negatively affects their self-esteem and puts unreasonable stress and pressure on them. But starving yourself to get attention from other is worse. It is not worth killing yourself slowly to get attention from people. If you want to do it for yourself, choose some healthy way.


  1. Sending nudes

Though it is fun, secretive and sexy, but doing it for attention is never cool. With technological advancements, you can do it with the stranger or your partner to flirt with them. But once you send it, you cannot get it back. And sending it to someone you do not trust just for attention is worst. Save yourself from trauma and do not send nudes to people who are not permanent and trustworthy.

  1. Smoking

Smoking for attention kills you. Smoking is dumb especially when we know how harmful it is. It is wastage of money and makes you smell terrible plus it harms your health. It can lead to lung cancer, asthma or heart disease.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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