9 Things To Remember To Make Wearing Heels Hurt Less!

By- Shreya Sharma

Wearing heels can make you look, tall and strong and model like, but after three hours of wearing them, you feel like your feet are going to fall off. You might always wear the sneaker, but you own at least 1 pair of heels which always remains in your shoe rack as your heels do not comfort you the same way as your shoes do. Thankfully there are some ways to make your heels suck less. Now, you do not need to carry emergency flats in your bag or have to move bare foots while carrying your heels in your hands. Here are 9 things to remember to make wearing heels hurt less.

  1. Check how your shoes fit

Do not think that your heels will expand if they are a bit tight. Heels do not stretch like your boots or shoes. If your heels do not fit you right while trying, they probably will not later. Find a pair of heels that actually fit you.


  1. A sock and hairdryer tip

To break into your heels, wear your socks, out on your heel and direct your hairdryer at the areas that hurt you. This way you can wear your heels without getting blisters.

  1. Walk around with them outside so that you do not slip

You might be totally comfortable with your heels, but the bottom of your shoes is going to be slick if they are new and you might slip and fall. Slip them on and scuff up the bottom of your heels on the sidewalk, so while wearing and walking in them, you will not trip off.

  1. Work on your posture

Your posture affects the weight on the top of your feet which relates to how you are going to fare in heels. Stand up straight with your spine aligned to put the center of your weight in the middle of your feet instead of too forward or too backward.


  1. A little warm up

If you do not wear heels regularly, you need to warm up. The worst part of wearing heels is that you have to get used to them every time you wear them. Wear them at your home so you get used to stairs, walking on a different kind of flooring so that you can learn to wear them for the whole night without getting bruises.

  1. Take breaks

No one can feel comfortable all day in heels. Whenever possible, pop your foot out, stretch it, and put it back ion. Sit down when you feel you cannot stand anymore. Grab a break whenever you can.

  1. The way you walk matters

When you walk wearing heels, it is totally different than the way you walk regularly. If you are not used to wearing heels, you might put your weight too far that you may even fall. Have an even weighted stride to stop you from buckling backward or making it worse for your feet.


  1. Stick a pantyliner

Sanitary pads can make your heels suck less and they will even absorb the sweat. This will work as a cushion for your feet and as it absorbs sweat, you will not be afraid lasting all day in the heel.

  1. The kind of feet you have

Your heels are going to feel different if you have narrow feet, flat feet or a really high arc. Not every heel hack is going to work for everybody and not every pair of the heel is going to fit everyone. Buy heels according to your foot. Your feet affects from how you walk to how you stand to what kind of shoes you buy.


Source –  Tumblr

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