13 Stupid Advices About Being Confident Girl!

By- Shreya Sharma

Confident is not something to be gained through advice. Being a girl we are taught from the very tender age to be perfect and follow the norms and be domicile and shy and coy. But what is more important than those norms is self-valuing and self-love. But self-love should not be considered as a duty or a thing to do as it will add baggage only.  No one is loving, perfect and confident hundred percent. It is important for women to be confident but then there are some people who can give you some real shit advice. Here are 13 stupid advice about being confident girl.

  1. Not sticking to mainstream beauty standards makes you better than other girls

If someone tells you that they are better because they do not stick to mainstream beauty standards and those who stick are fake and you should not become one of them is annoying and has some problems with their definition of confidence.


  1. The push to be overly grateful for everything

It is not what confidence means. You can hold some other perspective over the same thing as compared to others. Everything can be reduced to a simpler thing and you can avoid arguments.

  1. Cellulite should be covered

Those who say that you should flaunt cellulite if it is cute then they are someone annoying enough to stay away from. Everyone has cellulite and it is completely your choice to show it or not. No one should have a say over it.

  1. Failing to recognize the beauty in others

There are people out there who consider beauty to be first and believe being self-centered is what is important to gain a man’s gaze. Ignoring everybody else makes you confident girl is a big time myth. Inner beauty is anytime better than outer beauty.


  1. You should not acknowledge your own weakness

Being confident does not mean you should be flawless, it means you should accept your weakness and work on then.

  1. That universe drop signs

This is something really crazy!!

  1. There is nothing like bad days

We all have days when we feel low or are just not what we expected; acting like you never have any bad day is being fake. Self-love means loving yourself every day.

oh really pc

  1. Treating all negative as bad

Criticism is not always bad; sometimes it helps you become better or is for your betterment.

  1. The idea that big problems have easy solutions

No, there is no, magic wand for any problem that you will swirl it and your problem will solve. You just need to work on it.

  1. Being self-centered

You should love yourself to love others. But loving yourself should be your personal act and not a bragging in public about how great you are.


  1. Posting stretch marks when they are hardly visible

Yes stretch marks are something that makes us feel insecure but if you are posting them, then post the real red dark stretch marks. Do not post the ones that are hardly visible and act like it was hard to post them.

  1. “You do not need makeup to look or feel good”

Some people do not use makeup to show that they feel confident. Those no filter or no makeup selfie to show your flawless skin is no big achievement. If you do not feel good, do not use makeup; but not to show your confidence.

  1. The of living with inspirational quotes

Please do not misquote the proverbs from the religion you do not even practice or do not contribute out of the context proverbs to the conversation.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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