10 Awkward Conversations You MUST Have With Your Partner!

By- Shreya Sharma

An awkward conversation is the one where you are confused if you should bring up this issue or not. You are sweating, hmm-ing and haww-ing. You can neither go without talking about it nor do you feel comfortable talking about it. These are awkward because there is a stigma attached to the topic to be discussed. There are few things that are too sensitive to discuss. Here are 10 awkward conversations you must have with your partner.

  1. The talk about marriage

Not every couple in the serious relationship is ready for marriage. Discuss with your partner about when to get married and the possibility of your marriage, however, awkward you feel. You might not have clue about how they will react to it, but you better be prepared for everything.


  1. The talk about STD

Not everyone is ready to admit about how many partners they have had things with. Most couples think that it is unlikely for them to have an STD. A lot of STD have the long incubation period, like HIV and Chlamydia.  Asking your partner to get tested can be really nerve-wrecking.

  1. Being caught in a lie

Lying is the worst thing you can do in your relationship. Lying about serious things gives a clear impression that you are not worth trusting. Once you get caught, it leaves a doubt in the other person’s mind as to what all have you lied about. And when you are given a chance to explain, it will be emotional and awkward to admit that you screwed things. You have to explain why you lied and how you will fix the problem.

  1. Asking for something that you know they will not agree to

You know there is very rare chance that your partner will say yes to what you want, but you still got to ask at least once. You know your partner enough to know how they will react and that makes it difficult for you to bring up the issue. Still, there is no harm in asking.


  1. Discussing about his friend trying to hit on you

Your man will have a different bond with the people who were in his life way before you. So, it will be hard for you to tell your partner about how his friend tried to hit on you. It will be hard for them to believe and deal with. It will be heartbreaking because he will have to lose someone close to him.

  1. Telling them about how family members have become too interfering

When family members get too close, you are in problem. Some family members cannot stop themselves from giving you relationship advice even when things are all hale. This issue can isolate you and your partner from their family.

  1. Accidentally getting pregnant

Getting pregnant is a blessing, but not every couple is ready to take responsibility for kids. You need to tell your partner about this, but it is scary as well. Neither of you was prepared for it, so it is hard to say how you will react to the news.


  1. Explaining something you forgot to tell

This is when your friends start telling your partner a story about something that you forgot to tell them about your ex or some other activity. You know how your partner would react to it and possibly he will not be happy. You have to decide how you will tell your story and you will have to stick by it.

  1. Talking about ex

You need not tell about all the guys you dated, but your partner wants to know about the ones that mattered to you. You need not talk about this at the beginning of your relationship, but slowly the way your relationship fold, it is something you will have to talk about.

  1. Talking about breakup

Breaking up can be awkward when one of you isn’t expecting it. Obviously, there’s trouble in paradise. If one of you refuses to acknowledge that, any conversation from there on out will be particularly awkward since you have no intention of staying in the relationship.


Source –  Tumblr

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