8 Reasons Why Foreplay Is The Best Part Of Sex!

By- Shreya Sharma

Sex is not the only way to show your love towards someone. Sex is an integral part of a relationship but one must also engage in more intense form of intimacy to strengthen your bond. It is not always the way we expected it to be and not always that incredible. Lack of foreplay can make sex even more boring. Here are the reasons why foreplay is the best part of sex.

  1. Foreplay can be just as fun as sex

It can feel so much better. Oral sex, using your hands, and even just kissing can be just as enjoyable as intercourse. You too must be thinking of touching, kissing, grabbing and different motions when you think of sexual experience.

  1. It can show your strengths

Everyone has their own sexual strength and weakness. It could be that your partner is good with one thing and you might be with other. Foreplay will help you discover your strengths. You can use these strengths to turn on your partner in finish off with a final intercourse.

  1. It can show you what you like and what you dislike

Through foreplay and touching, you can understand what you may want or may not want your partner to do to you during sex. You can discover things you can do during sex that can help you turn on more easily.

  1. It connects you and your partner on a deeper level

Having certain level of intimacy with your partner can make the sexual experience greater. Foreplay increases the level of intimacy between two people. It is much more intimate to get to know each other’s bodies by kissing, touching and feeling everywhere possible before having sex. Foreplay increases intimacy.

  1. Sex without stimulation leads to bad sex

To have a fulfilling sexual experience, you have to be stimulated. Without stimulation you are not going to be wet enough to have sex, which can make it quite painful and uncomfortable. Teasing leads to stimulation. Whether that be touching, oral sex or even just hardcore making out, foreplay is a must to have a pleasant sexual experience.

  1. It make you feel confident

This is a way where your partner is simply admiring you by kissing you from tip to toe which makes you feel even more confident about yourself.

  1. It keeps the chase alive

In very relationship there comes a point where sex starts getting boring. Foreplay kills that boredom. It is your chase to be playful. You can set some limits as of what your partner can and cannot touch.

  1. It is never boring

During foreplay, you can kiss, lick, nibble, bite, and squeeze, and smash. It is lot more than being in a missionary position.

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