7 Things You Swear You’ll Never Do When In Relationship But Then Do Anyway!

By- Shreya Sharma

When we are single, we have our head straight up and head with certain things that we are sure not to do once we find the love of our life. Every time we hear our friend call her and her boyfriend as ‘we’, you think no, I am not going to be like this. Or when you hear them talk about their boyfriend only all the time and you think “I am surely not going to bore them with my love story”. But once we find love, we find our-self guilty of doing all these things. Here are the things you swear you will never do when in relationship but then do anyway.

  1. Use “WE”!

You have turn from a single person to ‘we’. You hardly talk about yourself and it has become almost a mandatory to use your BF name in the same story. You and your partner really do almost everything together which makes it hard for you to not include them.

  1. Cancel plan with friends

When you were single you hated it when your friend used to cancel plan with you just to be with her BF. But now since you are in love, you yourself cancel the date plan with your BFF just to be with the new guy of your life but that does not mean you hate them.

  1. Talk about him 24*7

You do not do it purposely but you cannot control it when things are relevant to him. Like your BFF talking about a song and you end up saying oh he just dedicated that song to me.

  1. Give up a hobby or two

You were sure that you will not change yourself for someone or give up your hobbies or interest and they will have to accept you the way you are but now you yourself do not know how you just out on some of your hobbies just to be with them and you do not regret that.

  1. Dream about getting married

You might be having this idea in a back drop since always but now you are dreaming about your wedding all the time. You cannot imagine a future where he is not your husband.

  1. Become part of his family

You used to feel lame when your friends got involved with their boyfriend’s family; you thought they were just doing it to stick around with their BF. Now the things have changed, you are attending the family dinners and spending time with his family and you love it.

  1. Think about him all time

You used to think that you will never let it happen to be totally consumed by a guy you really liked. You wanted to keep your distance, at least mentally. But now, he’s taking over your brain every waking moment of your life.

Source – Tumblr, Giphy

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