10 Wrong Reasons To Stay In The Relationship!

We put in our efforts to make a relationship success. But even then at times, we are the one who are unhappy. The relationship does not make us happy. We have more reasons for fight than being happy and we cannot afford backing off from a relationship due to several reasons out of 10 wrong reasons to be in a relationship area presented here.

  1. Society

We live in a society where “log kya kahenge” matters more than our happiness. We dare not to take any action with the fear of “Ye duniya, samaj.. kya bolega.” Killing our happiness on our own.

  1. Family pressure

Other comes the pressure from our family. Most of ours parents are the ones asking us to adjust, to try and make things fine. Even a few times we have so many responsibilities on us that we prefer not stepping out of the relationship.

  1. Guilt

The thought of stepping out or going too harsh and rude stops us from taking any action. When you stay with someone because you feel bad for them or because you do not want them to stay with guilt, is a wrong way to stay in a relationship.

  1. Fear of being alone

We all want someone to be by our side. That idea of being alone scares most of us. We stay with our partner even after not being happy for the fear of being alone. We’re scared of being alone because we’re not used to it.

  1. Do not want to hurt your partner

For the reason, we do not want to hurt our partner or his feelings. we stick into a relationship for his sake, for the sake of his feelings, his happiness. You do not have the guts to say NO to him.

  1. Funds and finance

We opt not to call it quit because of the financial reasons. For all the loans we have taken together or for all the rents that are divide among us. Even sometimes for the reason, we feel we are not self-sufficient and depend on our partner for our needs.

  1. Physical reasons

When we stay with our partner to satisfy our physical needs. You know there are no emotions attached with him but you still stay with him because your physical needs are being satisfied.

  1. All you want is a boyfriend

This is because you have never ever been single. You cannot imagine your life being single without any boyfriend. Your friends too are having boyfriend and that pressure does not allow you to quit.

  1. Hope

You still have a hope that things will be fine; you too will be the way you were earlier. You still feel that you will again start falling for him and will find your happiness with him if you try hard.

  1. How will he react?

The thought of how he is going to react at your idea of split, stops you from going ahead. You start imagining the scenarios of him yelling at you or breaking down crying or taking any major step or action.

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