11 Dream Jobs For People Who Actually Hates People!

By- Shreya Sharma

There are people who prefer to focus on just one career throughout their life. They prefer to focus on just one thing and which is one important factor. Once you have your perfect job, waking up early is no problem for you and you will be energetic all day long. But being an introvert, you prefer a job where you can work on your own and interact less with people. Here are 11 dream jobs for people who actually hate people.

  1. Accountant

If you love playing with numbers and Mathematics Greek, this is surely one job for you. Start with a low and work behind with tons of paper while sitting behind the desk and grow to a level where you can have your own accounting firm. You will have to work with those in your team but rarely only.


  1. Social media manager

Who said an introvert cannot work as a social media manager. Your job is to manage the social media accounts of your client. You will have to interact with people online once in a while and online interaction is less scary than having a face to face interaction.

  1. Archivist

Being a museum technician is a great job especially for those who love peace and prefer being quiet. You will just have to work with the artifacts and their documents in the museum for 8 hours a day. You will also get to learn many things and participate in exhibitions.

  1. Librarian

This is one tough job as you have to make sure that all the books are sorted well and are kept on their appropriate shelves. You have to make sure that they are not damaged or lost. You will have to protect all the books, especially the rare ones and must know which book is placed where. You will have peace over there and a buffet of knowledge.


  1. Writer

The job of a writer is what you are reading and read every article about any issue. All the articles are work of creative writers. It focuses more on writing quality that the audience can relate to rather than just the keywords. The creative writers have the freedom to write freely with some basic simple rules. You can work for the full time while sitting on your couch, or you can travel the world with decent internet connection. If you are an introvert with the flair of words, this is the best job for you.

  1. Artist

You can sell your artwork online or in public domain. You can do some workshops or work with some firms to help them with interior designing. If you do not want to interact with people, go for online selling. All you need is the skills to build a strong online community and you can work as the fulltime artist.

  1. Animal caretaker

This will give you the opportunity to stay with animals you love and pamper them, be it dog, cat or even some birds. You have to take care of animals that are left on streets. You will have to interact with people and animals if you assist vest. Animal shelters and clinics do not have much people around or those who are there to buy them.


  1. Blogger

This can be a question in your mind that how do bloggers earn money. But with the improving digital society and easier-to-use tools for bloggers, earning money being a blogger has become easier. You have to talk about your favorite niche for days and months and years and earn. You will have to first build your community that is traffic to your blog, but once that’s stable, you’re good to go. With blogging, anything you can think of is possible.

  1. Music composer

Music composers spend long hours with their instruments, gadgets, pen and paper. Play with your instruments and gadgets and create music and beats. Or you can create the lyrics too. You can start small and become the next sensation of the country. From upcoming artists to big recording stars, everyone buys music from time to time. Music composers reach out to various companies to buy music for their stars.

  1. Video game artist

Video game artist requires a keen eye and creativity. You will have to test all the apps and video games that all the companies make and find out all the faults it can have and where it can be improved. There are more and more apps and games produced these days. Most video game artists work in offices and have their super private cubicles so they can focus only on the video game they’re working on. It requires some skills to be a video game artist, since it may also involve digital design work, so you may want to consider taking relevant courses online or in some school.

  1. Graphic designer

You will have to sit in front of your computer and work in silence. All you need is some software and internet connection. Graphic designers earn handsome salary. You can work from home or from office. You can learn this from online tutorials.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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