11 Things you’ll understand if you’re crushing on your best friend

“Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte” we all have heard that and most of has been through that phase as well. We all have had one major crush over our best friend and we fail to let them know, fearing the loss of bond we share with them. Having a crush is a beautiful phase and when our crush is our best friend it adds more fun to this phase. That dilemma of “to tell or not to tell” that “chup chup ke dekhna” this all is an unexplainable feeling. Along with this, here are the things we do when we have crush on our best friend.

  1. Self-questioning

The biggest doubt!! We are so confused about “whether he loves me or not” and at the same time, the doubt about “whether it is just friendship or I feel more for him”. This self-questioning continues and has no end until and unless we just blurt out our feelings.

  1. Being over-excited

We are filled with excitement and energy through-out day and night. Imagine the night before meeting your best friend you are crushing over. The night seems so long. We wake up number of times just to check time so that we do not get late. We wait for their calls and texts like a school kids who waits for the period bell to ring.

  1. Jealous

We are so jealous of those who are or could be with them. We do not like the idea of him being with some other girl. The sight of him with another girl burns us to the core. Remember the time you called him and his line was busy and later he told you that he was on call with Juhi?? Or the time you dropped him text and he was online and still replied you after a whole long minute? Yes!! That feeling is being jealous.

  1. Time

We want their time, attention and oh yes him, for ourselves ONLY!! We are so obsessed that we do not want him to share his is single second with someone else. Their time belongs to us. We want to be with them 24*7 and if not, we want them to be connected with us through either call or texts.

  1. Stalking

Oh yes!! Admit it, we stalk them. We scan their facebook, Instagram, twitter, Whatsapp’s last seen and all his active accounts. We drool over his pictures. We even check out the account of girls who commented on their d.p. or status. We again and again see “our” pictures.

  1. Noticing every minute detail

We notice everything about them. We even know his moles, remember the mole on his left ear!! We know about where they place their phone. We know about how many rings he wears. We know about who called him last. In short we know about everything. We notice him and we love doing that. At times they can forget about themselves but not we!!

  1. Comparison

We compare ourselves with their ex or with their present girlfriend. We compare us on each and every ground. On looks, physique, nature and what not. We wonder that we are better for him and then at the end we question “why are we doing so? Comparing ourselves with others?”. We sometimes even try to get their break up done, so that we can have him all for ourselves.

  1. Too obsessed with that person

We are too obsessed with that person that we start trusting him blindly. We are too emotionally associated with them that their sorrows and joys become ours. We want to dress according to them, the way they like it. We even start talking their language and completely forget who we are. All that matter is “our best friend”.

  1. Insomnia

We have sleepless nights because all we could do is to think about them. To think about perfect scenarios of “us”. To think about how things would be if “we are together”. And god forbidden, if any day we do not get to talk with them; we cannot have a sound sleep even if we try to make ourselves fall asleep.

  1. Doing “rok-tok”

We start questioning them, asking their whereabouts, with whom they were, what all they did? We even start restricting them. “ye mat karo, isse baat mat karo, yahan mat jao” and things.

  1. Cannot concentrate on other things

We are so lost in them that others things start disappearing. All we can concentrate is on him. Even if we are studying or watching t.v. we are more focused about one thought and that thought is of him.

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