11 Reasons I Can Never Tell If The Guy Likes Me Or Not!

By- Shreya Sharma

When it comes to dating, not everyone is a pro in it. There are some who lack dating skills. You might have tried to develop a good strategy for dating, but you just cannot. Guys usually send mixed signals which are hard to decode and you have no clue if the guy really likes you or not. Here are 11 reasons I can never tell if the guy likes me or not.

  1. Guys are not clear with what they want

It is difficult to read between the lines and catch their vibes. They throw subtle hints which have the chances of being misinterpreted. Why do we have to read a man’s mind? Cannot they just say it out?  A man should be clear about what they want from me, be it sex, love or any other thing.


  1. Asking a guy straight if he likes me is kind of weird

Asking a guy straight up if they like us or not is weird, though, but it puts an end to the confusion. But being this forward and asking the guy if he likes us can scare them off. So if a guy does not tell me, I will never get to know about it.

  1. We might appear to be pushy or needy

We want to know if the guy is interested in the relationship, but we do not want to force them to be in a relationship. And if he has no plans to be a couple, then he should let us know. Guys do not make it clear if they want a serious or casual relationship and we do not want to push them into something.

  1. Guys think women cannot handle the truth

Life would be so easy if guys become upfront from the start. If they are not interested in the relationship, then they should tell us. If they want sex, they should say it so that we can walk away without facing any awkward situation. We are left guessing what a guy wants unless they tell us the truth.


  1. Guys play games to keep women on toes

Modern dating has turned into a game. Guys who just want sex acts like a good guy to get innocent girls fall into their trap. It is creepy but common for guys to play games. Players pretend to act interested to keep women on their toes.

  1. What it is like to meet a man who has real feelings for us

How would we know if the guy we have met is the right guy because there is so much of trap in the real world? He should express his emotions verbally and show them every day. The problem is we cannot tell if a man has real feelings for us.

  1. We all are just awkward human beings

Humans make us feel clueless. It is hard to know if someone actually likes us or is just playing nice. We know people just try to be polite, so it becomes way more confusing to know if he is genuinely interested or just acting to be nice.


  1. We do not know the difference between flirting and actual interest

Guys who flirt with everyone leave us confused. Just because a man flirts with us does not mean he is interested in us. Earlier, flirting was a way to show that a man likes us but flirting has become a social trend now.

  1. We want to know if we have social connection or not

We know when we have that spark with someone, we will figure it out. We will not try to control or manipulate our feelings. The time we realize we have feelings for a guy, we want to know if he feels something for us too. We do not want to waste our time on a guy who is just not interested in us.

  1. It is easy for me to make male friends

I get along with guys really well, mostly because we have the same sense of humor. The way I joke around with my friends can be the way that some guys I meet would simply flirt. So I can never really tell if they have an interest in being my friend or in actually dating me.

  1. It is hard to know if the compliment is genuine

It is hard to understand if the compliment is genuine or it is just sarcasm. Guys compliment girls for a lot of different reasons. It is hard to know if the guy is complimenting me as a friend or if he wants to get me into his bed or if his compliment is genuine.


Source –  Tumblr

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