9 Types Of Vaginal Discharge And Here’s What They Really Mean!

By- Shreya Sharma

Talking about vaginal discharge can make you feel gross and cringe a little bit, but this is one way your body is trying to talk with you and tell you about it. It is totally normal and helpful. This discharge keeps your vagina healthy by cleaning it, moisturizing it and preventing it from infection. It can be your body’s way to make you alert if things are not going well. Here are 9 types of vaginal discharge and here’s what they really mean.

  1. Thin and clear discharge

This is the standard discharge near the menstrual cycle. This will be clear and watery, or thin and milky-white. If it is not itchy or does not have any odd odor, then you are good.


  1. Stringy or stretchy discharge

It is around the 14th day of your cycle. This discharge is the consistency of egg whites. It is the normal part of your cycle and it means you are ovulating, so if you are sexually active, this is the time when you need to be very careful as this helps the sperm to swim to the cervix.

  1. Thicker than usual discharge

If you do not have strong odor, itchiness or discomfort down there, then it is normal end-of-cycle. Discharge usually becomes thick during the second half of your cycle. If everything is fine, then do not stress about it.


  1. Super heavy discharge

Near the end of the cycle, it is normal to have the little more discharge. If you take birth control pills, this can make the discharge heavier. But it can also be because of infection, lost tampon, or reaction of a new soap. If it bothers you, consult your doctor.

  1. Brown or blood color discharge

If you are done with your period, it is usually the leftover blood clearing out of your vagina. If you notice random mid-month spotting and this is not the first time, then it is better you visit your gynecologist.  It can be because of vaginal infection, lost tampon, ovarian cyst or some issues with the uterus. You need not stress, but you need to get treated ASAP.

  1. White and clumpy discharge

A thick white discharge with the texture of cottage cheese is a symptom of yeast infection. If apart from this, you feel itchiness, irritated labia, or pain when you pee, then you should consult your doctor.


  1. Yellow or green

If you notice pale yellow discharge, then it is mostly because the discharge becomes slightly discolored when it gets in contact with air. But if the discharge is thick yellow or green, then it can be a sign of an infection, even STI like chlamydia. Your gynecologist can help you.

  1. Grayish discharge

If you find a thin, grayish-white discharge with a strong, foul and fishy odor, then it is a symptom of bacterial infection. The odor can also be because of something that you ate today, but you should still visit the gynecologist to clear the doubts.

  1. Nonexistent

It is okay if you do not have any discharge at all. If you are not witnessing any other unusual symptom, then your vagina is completely normal. If the dryness is making you uncomfortable or irritated, let your gynecologist know.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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