15 Places To See Before You Turn 30!

By- Shreya Sharma

Travel should always be on a person’s bucket list. We all have our dream travel destination where we wish to travel at least once in our life but there are many more places you must add to your travel list. Here are 15 places to see before you turn 30.

  1. Chadar- the frozen river trek

Live your dream of walking on the river. The Chadar trek route connects the villages in the Zanskar valley deep in the mountains with chilling and the frozen Zanskar lake.

  1. Rajasthan trip on bullet

Ride along the rugged desserts and the rustic roads by taking the trip to Rajasthan on bullet.

  1. Spitti valley trip

This is the marvel of nature. You will witness unique landscapes, quaint and vibrant monasteries and unique wildlife of snow leopard, wolf, ibex, and blue sheep.

  1. Skiing in Auli

Auli is your skiing destination with the snow covered Himalayan Mountains in Uttaranchal. You will get a view of Mana Parwat, Beethartoli, Nilkanth, Hathi Parbat, Ghori Parbat and Nar Parbat and covered with conifers and oak forest.

  1. Bombay to Goa road trip

This will be one fun experience with your friends. You can have fun of the scenic views.

  1. Yak safari in Ladakh

This is one off-beat and unique experience. Yak is the largest animal in these icy desserts and offers one comfortable ride.

  1. Sunderban boat ride

This is the largest mangrove ecosystem in the world where you will witness the untamed nature, three hundred year old temple, crocodile’s den etc.

  1. Cycling in Nilgiris

Push the boundaries of your fitness levels and cycle along fellow enthusiasts for around eight days in the month of December. The ride too is quite a pleasant one with pristine land of thick verdant stretches.

  1. Rann of Kutch and Gir Forest

In Rann of Kutch, you will feel you are in the middle of No man’s land. This is just the acrid terrain of dessert that provides one of its kind experiences. And Gir forest is the house of fierce lions and diverse flora and fauna.

  1. Sunburn in Goa

Experience the crazy Sunburn festival in Goa that is the biggest electronic dance music festival in Asia. Under the open skies, and amidst scenic surroundings of Candolim Beach, grove endlessly to heart-thumping music along with thousands of youths across the globe.

  1. Cherrapunji, Tread on living roots bridges

This is one surreal experience. This bridge is made out of live living roots branching out from gigantic trees. As you cross over, you will witness the sight of thick winding roots, beautiful gathering of rocks and clear water below, all amidst the towering trees.

  1. Paragliding in Solang

Experience the thrill as you fly high and get the panoramic sight of green mountains, valleys, expansive sky and snow-capped ranges.

  1. Manali to Leh on Bike

This is one of the best routes to ride a bike while witnessing the serene views of snow-capped mountains, untamed roads, barren brown terrains, sparkling turquoise lake, cascading streams and breath-taking landscapes.

  1. Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

Trek to Dudhsagar Falls by walking on the railway track, crossing the Mondovi River and experiencing some bountiful jungles. Here you will witness the sea of milk gushing through the rocks.

  1. The Arid Desert of Rajasthan

Campaign in the endless stretches of sand as you camp in the rustic tents. Relish in Rajasthani cuisine under the twinkling stars and revel in the entertainment provided by the local people.

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