7 Gross Things Every Girl Does In Shower!

Showers are the best place to think as even studies says that it helps us get more creative and innovative ideas. Our singing sessions take place under shower and our shower knows our secrets like our best friend. Apart from this we do grossest things in shower. Here are the gross things every girl does in shower.

  1. Dancing your sexiest moves

We all have done the sexiest dance in shower considering ourselves to be Raveena Tandon from “Tip Tip barsa pani”. Wrapping a towel around and performing the hottest, sexiest moves of ours that are hidden from others.

  1. Pee-ing in the shower

Let’s admit it, we all have done that for one or another reason. Sometimes we cannot control it, sometimes it gives some sort of pleasure and sometimes for other reasons.

  1. Using the same razor for months

We are too lazy to change our razors. We adjust with that one razor we brought that we ourselves do not know when. We forget to buy new one and adjust with that old one and now we are too comfortable with that.

  1. Using your brother’s razor

At times, we sneak into our brother’s bathroom and steal his razor away like some CID project, use it and sneak back into his bathroom and put it back the way it was.

  1. Not washing our padded bra for weeks

We are confused whether to wash them or not. We feel scared with the idea that washing can hamper and de-form the pads fixed in the bra and out of that fear we prefer not washing them for weeks.

  1. Checking out yourself in Bathroom mirror

We all have done that way too many times. We anyhow manage to see and check out ourselves in the mirror with all those model like poses. We do modelling, acting everything in shower while standing in front of mirror.

  1. Sticking hair to wall and everywhere

I won’t say much about this as we know it is way too much “eeewwwww” but even then we all have done that. We all have made our bathrooms into some hair art gallery.

Source : Giphy, tumblr

Skadoosh Guys!

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