14 *Stupid* Thoughts We All Have Before Our Birthday!!

By- Shreya Sharma

This is our day, a day to pamper our self and to be pampered by other. We have a guilt free pass to throw tantrums and behave a little princess kind of. We have already started nagging about it and talking to our friends and family about it and yes we have also faked the drama of what’s the need of party and what’s so special about where as in our heart we do not want people to take it seriously. We go crazy with the start of our birthday month and it our craziness hits the peak just the night before. Here are the stupid thoughts we all have before our birthday.

  1. Seriously? I have grown so old?

I always wonder like it is been 23 years since I am alive, oh god it is too much of time!! I have grown so old.

  1. Who all should I invite for party?

And we start counting our friends and think if we should call them or not. “oh he is just my class mate, we talk once or twice in class, I won’t call him”

  1. Can I afford a party?

After we are done with our counting the number of people to invite scares us and we wonder about the expenses and the venue that will be the cheapest.

  1. I should make a venue search

We start searching for a venue on Google and Zomato and Group on to find the cheap and best deal.

  1. What if my friends surprise me by 12?

Okay so this is the time, we think of all the possible surprises we can get. Like it could be they will come by 12 or maybe they will come in the morning to surprise me with a decorated room and things.

  1. I should wear my new PJs and get my hair done

Of course I cannot be in these rugged faded pajamas, my friends will come I need to look good yet casual as if I always look so fresh and natural in home.

  1. I better put the best profile picture on Facebook

That is obvious that there will be so many people wishing you birthday on your Facebook wall so it is better you look your best in profile picture.

  1. Facebook wishes already!!

Oh God!! They are so sweet, they remember my birthday. I feel flattered. This is what we all feel at that moment.

  1. Whose gonna call me first?

We think of all the prospective people who can make us first call or it can also be a conference call.

  1. My family is surely going to surprise me

Oh I am sure they are ready with the cake and surprise gifts for me.

  1. I think I should throw party I will get gifts this way

I will have so many gifts then!!

  1. What am I going to wear tomorrow?

We make a mental note of dress and accessories and make up and heels and hair for our grand day.

  1. Oh God!! It’s almost 12, no doorbell yet!!

Have I just not heard it? Is the doorbell not working? Are they late? But who gets late on a birthday surprise!! They must be carrying cake.

  1. Oh it’s my birthday

You start with your *Happy birthday to me* dance and song.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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