9 Signs You Need To Know Of Cheating!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your boyfriend’s behavior is making you suspect if he is cheating at you or is interested in someone else. You are not sure though and thus you need to be really careful before making any false or trust breaking accusations on him. It is difficult to be sure if someone is cheating on you, you need to be vigilant and pay attention to your relationship as it will help you a lot but be careful enough that your anxiety should not scare your man away. Here are 9 signs you need to know of cheating.

1. Less sex

If he is having less sexual urges with you, it could probably because he is getting it from another source which could be another women or porn addiction. Even if he is not cheating, decrease in sex is one serious issue in relationship.


2. He is being protective of his phone

When in relationship, we become comfortable enough to use one another’s phone and we are less worried about them using our phone as there is nothing or no one to hide. But if you notice that he is getting protective or nervous when he gets a call or text, it may an alarm for you.

3. You feel disconnected

True that relationships flow naturally but if you feel that he is disconnected from you then there may be someone else. If you feel emotional disconnection, you should look for the reasons even if it is not because of cheating. If you feel lack of love and passion, you should investigate about it, if that love and passion is being shared with someone else.

4. Gushing over someone

When you meet someone new and exciting, you just want to tell the whole world about them. You will notice your man suddenly talking too much about this particular person and being with them at every social gathering or going on outing with them.

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5. He is unavailable

If he is always unavailable or disappearing to the point that leaves you wondering, then there is possibility that he could be cheating on you. You know it is difficult to sync up schedules plus he is always unavailable.

6. His friends act strange

His friends will obviously take his side and remain loyal to him. They will not tell you the truth but their behavior might change around you to protect his secrets.

7. You catch him in lies

You have caught him lying many times and thus your trust is wavering. Forgive him but do not forget. And if he constantly breaks your trust, there could be chances that he is cheating you. If he keeps lying, get him out of your way.


8. If he had cheated in past

If he has done it before, he is capable of doing it again. It has nothing to do with you, it is with him. It is one self-serving act where the cheater does not take his partner into consideration. If he is telling you straight that he cheated on his partner in past, give him a chance but take your time before letting your guards down.

9. Your instinct says so

A girl’s sixth sense is strong enough. You can sense it when things are not right. Do not ignore this feeling. Usually this feeling is right, so try to figure it out.     


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