15 Things EVERY Woman Deserves From The Love Of Her Life!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being a woman, you are expected to make a lot of adjustments and compromises and when you get into a relationship, this adjustment level reaches the peak. We know that no one is perfect and a few adjustments and compromises are healthy for a relationship. But this does not mean that you should not expect a few things from your man. Here are 15 things every woman deserves from the love of her life.

  1. With whom you can eat whatever you want

The way you can eat anything with your friends; would you not like to do the same with your man?


  1. Who loves your pet

He should love your pet the way you do. If you are comfortable with your pet’s hair everywhere in your house, he too should be comfortable or at least not have a problem with that.

  1. Who answers the doorbell in the morning

We would love to have a man who will not ask us to answer the door when we are asleep. We want him to answer the door himself.

  1. Who motivates us and stay patient

We want a guy who accepts us and respects us for who we are. He should let us do whatever we want to do. He should be patient with us despite our mood swings.


  1. Who knows what we want after a long day

When you reach home after a long day, would you not like when your man has ordered your favorite food and without any orders and talking, cuddles up with you for a while to relax you down?

  1. Who gives time to our relationship

A relationship grows when you nurture it. You need to pay your time and attention to it. He should have time for your relationship and for you.

  1. Who loves to stay at home with you

Would you not love it to have a guy who stays at home and cuddles up with you in bed while you both watch a movie together?


  1. Who loves and respects your parents

We all need a man who respects our parents, take care of them and support our family in good and bad times.

  1. Who shares the daily chores

We want a guy who shares responsibilities with her. He should not have the ego to cook or to clean or divide household chores.

  1. Who can make us laugh

We all want the guy we are going to spend the rest of our life to have some sense of humor.


  1. Who knows what pleases us

We all want to have a guy who knows how to handle us and please us in bed just the way we want.

  1. Someone who loves what we love

It is true that you both might not have similar interests. But would it not be fascinating, if your guy loves travelling just the way you do or if your food habits match?

  1. Someone who feels lucky to have us

He should like us for who we are and should be proud to have us.


  1. Someone who is grown up and mature

We all want to have a grown up, mature and responsible guy; someone for whom we do not have to act as a mother. We do not want a child in a man’s body. We need to be with someone who makes us feel safe.

  1. Someone who let us be what we actually are

If he loves you for what you are, gives you your freedom and your space to let you be you, only then is this relation for keeps. You have as much a right to have your own life, friends, and peace of mind, as does he.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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