Ponytail Twist: 7 Different Types Of Ponytails You Must Try!

By- Kumar Tirthankar

Ponytails twist are the one style which can take only a few minutes of yours to get ready. It is one of the simplest styles which you can opt every time for different styles of it to flaunt your style totally and also boost up your look totally. This style can make you look so girly whenever you do a ponytail. It will just make you look so fabulous. This ponytail style can go with anything you have it suits with any of your outfits and makes you look gorgeous also. This comes in so many different styles which you must try. Have a look below. Here are some different types of ponytails you must try.

  1. Bubble pony.

You need to do is to pull your hairs to the upside at the crown portion of your head and just secure it up with an elastic band on it. And section off it with 1.5 inches of the sections with the help of elastic band on it to the way down then just lastly puff out each of the section to get the bubble effect on it.

  1. Sleek and low ponytail.

Use a perfect boar bristle brush just to direct the strands back, Then just put it into a low one pony and also warp a silver of hairs under your pony around to the elastic band to makes it look more flawless and gorgeous.

  1. One polished pony.

This look is so easy to achieve if you have a wave or straight hair but it will take some time if you have curly one. To get this look take a flat iron unit it gets totally straight after it gets straight to create a clean center part and then tie it with the loose ribbon and secure it at the low.

  1. Retro down do.

In this you need to do is to firstly blow dry your hair smoothly and then create a perfect side part then just use a comb to just tease your hair at your crown portion before securing your overall hair into an elastic at the perfect nape of your neck.

  1. Sky high ponytail.

Having the perfect tail swept over your shoulder like this picture gives a perfect illusion of down style too. What you need to do is to brush your hair up and make a super tight high pony then use a flat an iron for the tail to make it straight.

  1. The new wave pony.

This is so on trend nowadays, for opting this one you need to do is to simply brush your hair from the back away from your face before pulling into to a perfect low pony, and then just a few loose waves at the back at also put some salt spray if u want a beachy look.

  1. Crazy curly pony.

You need to do is to sweep your hair into a high perfect pony and then use a curler machine or you can also use hot rollers curl it perfectly and it the last just slightly brush all of your curls to get a bouncy one.

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