11 Tips On How To Get Along With Others!

By- Shreya Sharma

To get along with people is one important skill, whether you stay at home or are a social butterfly. Some of us are born with those skills to interact with people and be with them like it is an age-old bond while some really need classes and tricks to feel comfortable. Being polite and friendly is just one way; there are many other ways that you can use to start clicking with the people around you. Here are 11 tips on how to get along with others.

  1. Use people’s name

When you hear your name being spoken, you automatically listen to the person talking. When you address people by their name, people respond really well. It is powerful and increases connection.


  1. Spell things out

No one can read minds. So, to get along better with people you got to be assertive and real. Sometimes it happens that we texts someone and if they do not respond we think they are too busy for us, which is actually not true. But this impacts the way we communicate further.

  1. Use “And”, not “But”

Try to avoid using the word “but” as it sometimes feels defensive to others. People nowadays are more focused on what they did wrong. Using the word “and” can convey your message with a positive meaning.

  1. Avoid words like “Never” and “Always”

If a person is late, saying “he/she is always late or never on time”, is like an internal attempt to make them feel empathy for our frustration. Instead of these words, use words like “often it feels like” or “recently I have noticed”.


  1. Make a list of your social priorities

Make a list of your weekly priorities of people you want to spend your time with before you get busy in this ever running life. Make a conscious effort to remind people that you are thinking about them.

  1. Validate people’s feeling even if you do not agree

Validation shows that you are trying to understand that where they are coming from, it does not mean that you agree with them. Something like, ‘That must have been terrible. I’m sorry that happened,’ shows I am listening to them.

  1. Learn to say NO

It is not always negative to stand your ground or turn things down. Learn to say no when you need or want to. Agreeing to everything will either make you resentful or you will fail to deliver your promise.  


  1. Start your sentence with “I” instead of “You”

Telling people what they wrong often puts people into defensive mode. Tell people who you feel about it and allow them to respond to your feelings.

  1. Express your gratitude

Be positive and take the time to express your thanks to those who have done right to you and the experiences you should be grateful for. It will change your perception and others will be drawn to your perspective.

  1. Give them your attention

It is simple, you just need to put your phone down and give your attention to the person by your side. It will make them feel, that they truly matter to you. It is the best gift you can give to someone.

  1. Show affection

Showing physical affection can help form the warm relationship but you should also learn to respect their boundaries. Affection can go a long way in a relationship.


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