7 Annoying Things That Happens When You Pop A *Pimple*!

By- Shreya Sharma

Nobody likes an earth size pimple popping on their face and making us look the prettiest person alive on this planet earth. Every time we have that little white head on our skin, we think about popping it out. We squeeze it and push it until we see the white puss flowing out of the tip even though we are taught and screamed over to not pop it off. Here are annoying things that happens when you pop a pimple.

  1. Inflammation and swelling

Usually popping a pimple gets worse and leaves you with flared up pimples. There are ways to treat a flared pimple. Wrap an ice cube into tissue and holding it on the zit can help reduce swelling and inflammation. Initially it will burn but gradually it will calm the zit.

  1. It will not pop

Most commonly, when you try to pop your pimple, the thing that goes wrong is that it will not pop. You must know the correct way to pop a pimple. Make sure your hands are clean, nails are short and keep a tissue nearby to wrap your fingers.

  1. It will leave a scar

If you are dealing with a stubborn pimple, it will leave a scar on your face whether it pops or not. After popping or picking a pimple, it will possibly form a scab and picking it will possibly cause a worse scar.

  1. Red shades

You may squeeze your zit so hard that it will turn into a bruised red which is almost purple in color. To reduce redness and inflammation, use natural oils like tea tree.

  1. It pops under the skin

When you pop a pimple, it releases pus and oil from your skin. But sometimes it pops under your skin creating a cyst. A cyst contains pus that causes skin destruction which turns out to be ice-picked scar.

  1. You will create a zit family

Before popping a pimple, make sure both your hands and skin are clean. Clean your hands and skin to avoid the risk of spreading oil and bacteria, making the zit larger or creating a zit family.

  1. It hurts

Popping a hard zit can make you cry and so does the zit at a really sensitive area. It hurts ten times more when you pop a zit from sensitive area.

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